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  • Should I get like a otc water pill??? Also u know at the end of ur day it says in 5 weeks ...etc I haven't co.e close to that and I stay on calorie actually 180 less then I walk 3...5 miles everyday I know that's not exact but shoukd it be so different? I'm sorry I'm asking so much
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  • Idk how to send request :(
  • Hey I'd like to follow with u I'm in search of someone who isn't a size 6 wanting to lose weight lol u know what I mean
  • Ty u says 1720 calories like today it went to 1880 I usually never go over but after excerise walking mostly I still had 668 am I doing anything right??!
  • I have 80 once was a 103 to lose....they say heavier u ate the first few months is easier we burn more calories doing same as smaller people idk forsure if that's true but I hope ...we can be friends
  • Ty.....oh yeah my goal is 198or below I'm currently 270 something depends on the day I learned so about 80/85 pounds so any advise helps
  • I'm freaking out...feels like I'm defeated.....the first ten motivated me I'm trying ten pounds in about 35 sets....I have a wedding of a daughter in law and have no pics with my husband and I figured that would motivate me and watching it go and feeling better every time I walk would keep it off....I have depression so…
  • Ice been walking g the last month I stopped this past week only walked One day
  • Everyone here sounds like me!!! I'm slowly changing what I eat started by calorie counting and portion size and walking as much as I can ....plse everyone anyone add me I'm on a 81 pound goal loss never lost weight before been doing this since 4/4 and have lost 9 pounds so hopefully by November I'll be there but friends…
  • My goal is 81 by November for a wedding of my husband daughter I've been on here a month co.e the 4th lost 9 pounds I guess that's good I'm kinda wondering. ...
  • Hi good.....getting a Lil hot weather here
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  • Hi every have been using this since 4/4 and have lost 10 pounds ....I knew I was gonna be slow at this I'm looking for keep in contact friends....anyone close to me would be awesome but I'll be happy with any ty
  • I'm confused I try and stay under my 1300 calories but eat some if not all my excerice calories does that mean what I'm doing is pointless? ??
  • Hi I'm in tampa...42 my goals is to change me by 50....
  • Ty at least I'm not the only one
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  • Hi
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  • I haven't watched but want to soon...hope it's more interesting than shades of grey!!!
  • I need friends to help get this going ...come in anyone????
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  • I've had a garden built last fall went OK wanted better I cleaned it out weeks ago but never done reminded me today!!! I'm gonna start some seedlings ty