Losing 70 pounds

Hello I'm new. I need to lose 70 pounds


  • Abbie918
    Abbie918 Posts: 120 Member
    Welcome! My goal is somewhere between 40 and 60 pounds. Feel free to add me if you'd like!
  • mrsrkearns
    mrsrkearns Posts: 35 Member
    My goal is 81 by November for a wedding of my husband daughter I've been on here a month co.e the 4th lost 9 pounds I guess that's good I'm kinda wondering. ...
  • barbara3213
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    Also trying to lose about 60 lbs. Welcome!
  • blb_86
    blb_86 Posts: 61 Member
    My goal is 65lbs. Down 30 so far. I log in everyday and try to support my friends as much as possible. Add me if you would like
  • HutchMCMLXXV
    HutchMCMLXXV Posts: 10 Member
    Welcome! As long as YOU want it, you've got this.

    My goal is 100 lbs and I'm down 66 lbs so far (Averaging 11 lbs per month). Just take it day-by-day and remember it's not a sprint. I've lived by 80% nutrition/lifestyle (not a diet) and 20% exercise. For workouts, just show up... You don't have to have a great workout every time. If you just show up, you're making progress. I had to learn to get out of my comfort zone and be tired, be weak, and realize it's ok to struggle. It is making me stronger and skinnier. Just do what is best for you and when you're struggling, remember WHY you started.
  • tuddy315
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    My goal is 100lbs. Have lost 30 since the first of January. I am just eating more healthy. Salad for lunch everyday. 2-3 times a week I have a can of salmon or tuna with it. I have not had a soda since I started. I rarely have any fast food any more. I still have my sweets now and then but I plan for them. Averaging 2lbs a week is fantastic for me. I am happy with ANY loss but I don't get discouraged if I have a gain (like this week 1lb). You can add me if you would like. Good Luck!!!!!