Anyone need to lose 100+ lbs?



  • VBattle0105
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    I also have a goal to loose 100 .... We can do it ... Dedication and Motivation :)
  • ladyreva78
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    Move the mountain 1 rock at a time. Much easier than trying to move the entire mountain.

    Started in 2014 at 110kgs with roughly 45kg to lose to be at the weight calculated by my doctor (almost exactly 100lbs to lose). Lost 6kg during 2015. Joined MFP beginning of January 2016 with the goal of getting UNDER 100kg (4kg to lose to reach that). Lost another 10kg since then. My current goal? Get under 90kg. That's another 4kg to go. :smile:

    Those jeans I had bough ages ago? They fit!!! and they're getting too big even. The dress I still had in my closet from before I hit those 110kgs? It's too big now! Walking my mom's dog? Not getting out of breath anymore on that last incline before home. Airplane seats? I fit in them again without it being torture!

    So take each day as it comes and set yourself small goals that are within reach.

    Bad day? Who cares, tomorrow will be better. Good day? Yay you! You rock girl!

    The hardest thing to learn is patience with yourself. The second hardest? Learning to be consistent.

    Best of luck on your journey! You can do it!
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    Me too, so what do we do ever state that? Do we check in here or is there a specific thread?
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    sachanena wrote: »
    Me too, so what do we do ever state that? Do we check in here or is there a specific thread?

    There are many things you can do - ask to be friends with each of the people above , join into one of the challenges for motivation there are groups that are for people over / or that have been over say 300 pound etc . there is a biggest loser challenge which goes for 10 weeks it's already started 2 weeks in but i think they are already taking names for the next one. great way to get friends with like goals .. there are many many different groups go into the forum & have a look around :smiley:
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    I've also got 100+ lbs to loose! Feel free to add me, I'm always looking for new support friends :)
  • Gerbsxyng412
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    I am down 70 with a 100 to go.. Feel free to add me.
  • linkedlove
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    I'm starting with at least 100lbs to lose, just as a starting point! Maybe more like 150lbs. I'm brand new here so add me if you like.
  • mrsrkearns
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    I have 80 once was a 103 to lose....they say heavier u ate the first few months is easier we burn more calories doing same as smaller people idk forsure if that's true but I hope ...we can be friends

  • KetoneKaren
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    Everybody make sure you "star" this thread so you can easily find it! This is going to be a great thread. Thanks, OP for starting it!
  • de7inhim
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    I did it once 10 years ago. 140 list then hysterectomy. Slowly gained it back
  • firef1y72
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    I started with a major target of 145lb, which was half my weight and would bring me down to 145lb (obviously). 186 days later I'm halfway there having lost 72.5lb, only another 72.5lb to go.

    But I've broken that down in to far more managable chunks. My current short term goal is 210lb, medium term is 199lb and long term is (or was, I'll be changing it by the end of next month) losing 50lb in a year.
  • brb_2013
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    I've lost 100 before, and have another 100 to go right now after regaining some weight. I'm going slow and steady, changing my habits thoroughly and exercising to my best ability while still listening to my body. I used to be so strict, and push myself through injuries just to continue with the plan.

    I'm just doing my best every day. I don't always meet my calorie goal but I do log even overages. I'm holding myself accountable and being as honest as possible with myself through the process. No crazy fads here!
  • dwaterfield
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    I started at 292 back in late September, currently down 65 pounds at 227. I have a deadline I need to meet (220 or less by June 30), but intend to keep working after that. An even 100 pounds would put me at 192, which is my eventual goal.

    As others have said, don't concentrate so much on that big number. Focus on the goals for each day and the rest will take care of itself.
  • sheilafairlamb
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    I am also in the 100+ club and just seriously started on this journey. Loved reading this thread! Really inspiring. If anyone wants to friend me then please do. It would be great to have some friends on here.
  • geektofit
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    To be at a healthy BMI I would need to lose about 150lbs but I'd be happy to be back in the 100's -- which means ~80 lbs. I'm only a few weeks into my journey and am just shooting for mini-goals. At the beginning, it was to lose 5 lbs, and then I've altered it since. Make mini goals for yourself that are achievable in a weeks-month time. It keeps you motivated and gets your confidence up. You can do it! Feel free to add me!
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    I do. I seem to be losing the same 5 pounds over and over
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    When I joined MyFitnessPal in November I needed to lose 130lbs to get close to an "ideal" bodyweight.

    Today I'm just a little bit beyond half past that goal with 66lbs lost and 64lbs to go.

    It may sound daunting -- it sounded so daunting to me that I made my weight loss goal only 95lbs, but I'll be adjusting that soon as I've realized this isn't impossible, I just gotta keep doing what I'm doing for like the rest of my life.

    Feel free to add me if you like. I log regularly and have an open diary. If my fatass could do this, you can too.
  • afatpersonwholikesfood
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    I started with 200+ to lose 1 year ago. I have 40+ to go to get into a normal BMI. I plan to lose 20 more and then switch to a small deficit and see where that slowly takes me over time.
  • Honest_Angie
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    I have one friend that lost over 100 already. I've just started, but have well over 100 to lose.