Cinder blocks steps

Ok I have aniaxty so I walk at a very private Park alone ....I usually get about 3 miles in before I run outta brought in a cinder block and step up and down on it for 30 mins then sit and step up and down only using my legs ...
Is this stupid and pointless??? My legs burned but I didn't get sweaty but I ac....


  • adoette
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    You might look up step aerobics. It isn't in my area of interest (bad knees, hate steps) but it sounds like what you're doing would qualify.
  • lorrpb
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    Very creative! Step ups are great. My trainer has me do them all the time. Just keep increasing the height of the step as you are able. You also can increase the workload by holding weights in your hands.
  • mrsrkearns
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