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  • Hello. I'm 49 will be 50 in April. So I hope it's okay if I join/follow along. I have two kids 21 and 17. Been married 30 years in June. I'm currently at 157ish. Been trying to lose the 5 lbs I added from my last vacation in July. It's not budging. I've actually been trying to at least get to 135 for the past several…
  • Good morning. 49 here will be 50 in April. I'm back at it also. I want to lose about 20 lbs.
  • There are some websites like that will help you reduce your grocery prices by helping find deals in the stores. I'm not sure where you are located. She's in the southeast. But I'm sure there are others. I just used to use her.
  • I recently discovered Harissa seasoning. Good on veggies. Olives. Fries. Popcorn.
  • I struggle with this also. My husband owns a business so it seems like we are always taking clients out for this or that. Have you tried seltzer water with lime in it? People may assume you have a drink and you're off the hook. Or Diet Coke and Bacardi with lime is pretty low calorie. I know if I have a couple of drinks I…
  • Have you gone to a good running shoe store? Where they actually watch you walk and maybe even run to see how your foot strikes? They will put you in the right shoe. Could just be your shoes. My husband had problems with his feet. He's a runner and it took a few different shoes before his feet got better. He has very flat…
  • I have a glass air popper that's small and doesn't take up a bunch of space. It was pretty cheap, less than $10. Makes enough for 2 people. Or 1 teenage boy.
  • Have you tried a flour tortilla as a crust and then use your toppings for a homemade pizza when you get a craving? Pretty easy to assemble and then just put under broiler?
  • I used to work out like that in my 30's. Balls to the wall everyday. I was so tired and had little kids. I cut back to 3 days. I did full body workouts. Sometimes only 2 days. I found I looked better and lost some of the water weight I would hold onto due to stress.
  • Desitin like you put on babies is great also. It also heals the skin. I always get the creamy kind in a tube. Pretty cheap compared to glide. I've also used stick deodorant in a pinch.
  • Yes. I can't get it to sync at all.
  • I work out about an hour to and hour and half most days. It only says I burn about 600 on a really good day.
  • Yoga is awesome. Find a restorative class not a hot yoga or power yoga. Also going out into nature like a walk or a hike through the woods is great.
  • I'm pretty sure they all make their own watches to pair with the phones now. I like them so much better than the old FitBit.
  • I always seem to get sick when I start a new fitness program. I think your resistance goes down at first. Just get back at it when you feel better.
  • I like my iPhone watch. It can track my workout plus it will tell me how many calories i burn all day. How many times I've stood during the day. I can answer it like a phone and text. Bunches of things.
  • Diet Coke and Bacardi and squeeze of lime.
  • I make mine. It's pretty easy. My dehydrator came with recipes. You can find low sodium recipes online that you can keep in the refrigerator. The salt is a preservative so it can sit out without refrigeration.
  • My daughter is small and likes Hollisters. There is also a Talbots for petite women. They usually have a good clearance section.