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  • When I was first losing weight I mostly ate snacks haha, but I made sure they had like protein and not just something sugary. I think it's definitely doable!
  • Yes weighing is a good option if you don't have a food scale consider getting one.
  • Hi op, Any updates?
  • So in other words you're not eating food at all you're not following a sensible plan at all. Drinking too much water isn't good for you either if I were you I would stop this liquid diet, and eat solid food and follow the calorie intake that MyFitnessPal recommends.
  • He's right! abs are built in the kitchen eating at a caloric deficit will help with the fat around the abdomen. I just eat at a deficit and my stomach has been shrinking!
  • If you don't want to drink diet mountain and cut diet cold turkey, than I would say consider drinking fruit infused water!! I love to get a glass pitcher add some lemon slices, mint, and even mango slices and create a resfreshing drink! :smile: you can find really cool receipts all over the net. I also like to drink water…
  • Have you tried weighing yourself on a different scale? It could be your scale.
  • Congrats on your weight loss it sounds like you're losing at a good rate. Continue with what you're doing you probably didn't gain the weight super fast, so be patient in losing it.
  • How many calories are you consuming daily? What did you list as your rate of loss on MyFitnessPal? If I was binging at night I would increase my calories and eat more food that would keep me full. Oftentimes people that are New to losing weight will place themselves at such a high rate of loss, and they find themselves…
  • You're probably eating less than you think one of the risks that you're putting yourself losing this much weight is losing muscle and dealing with loose skin. I would slow it down and start tracking your calorie intake better. I would reccomend reducing your rate of loss to 0.5 pounds, so you're properly nourishing your…
  • Not good in my book.
  • I actually had this happen to me before a few times. While I'm at work I'm just posting randomly, and would think I clicked on the next button, but I in reality clicked on last. So this thread seems like that may have happened. Just my two cents or it could be something else not exactly sure.
  • One can't spot reduce your thighs may take more time good luck!!
  • Weight loss isn't linear dear op :smile:
  • I think everyone brought in some great points feel free to respond to questions asked to get additional information . I would reccomend seeing a doctor to get some help as well. Good luck!!
  • I do either just walk when I feel like it :open_mouth:
  • hah yeah im not worried my profile pic and that pic were same day xD Just an annoying thing to have happen, Which is the point of the thread. stupid gravity[/quote]@JaydedMiss - gravity does suck! Thx for explaining glad you aren't worried about it! :smile: Congrats on your weight loss and progress! I've jealous of your…
  • //--/ @JaydedMiss Hi, I know you're feeling sad about your stomach. But I want to let you know that the stomach doing that when one bends down or even sitting down is pretty normal. Not everyone will look the same keep that in mind. But Even for people that are in a healthy weight this occurs. The only people that don't…
  • Why are you trying to lose so much Op? You previously mentioned in another post that you're at a healthy weight. I think recomposition would be a good thing for you if you want to continue with anything.
  • Have you considered seeing a professional binge eating is a disorder that if one can't control themselves should seek help. Good luck!!
  • I'm curious how are things going for you Op? @alpepp
  • With so little to lose aim to lose 0.5 pounds a week and eat the calories that myfitnessspal reccomends. 125 not sure about your height but for some heights this is within a normal weight. Consider instead of trying to lose weight but to maintain the weight you have and add in strength training to have a toned body. I wold…