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  • My favorite blog is Caveman Keto. Check it out - so many good recipes!
    in Keto !!! Comment by amers271 March 2017
  • Those are truly personal trainer horror stories! I never have had a personal trainer (even if I buy a gym membership I get lazy and don't go.) Instead, I do home workout videos and get motivated by like-minded individuals through MFP, Instagram and accountability groups. To each their own. Good luck with your new personal…
  • I'm 5'4", 124 lbs, 29 years old. I maintain at 1800-2000 calories a day. There was a time I was eating only 1400 calories because I thought I needed that amount to maintain. Instead, I had trained my body to survive on that few calories. I slowly added calories back in (like 100 more for a few days at a time) and found my…
  • There have been a lot of helpful comments already. Try out a lot of different things and see what you like. Try some hobbies to see if they might be a nice fit. Something that's fun and is exercise at the same time! For example, my husband lost weight a few years back by getting really into swing dancing - taking a bunch…
  • My friend has been doing Core de Force and LOVES it! I'm doing P90X3, but Core de Force is on my list to try. Let me know how you like the other workouts!
  • I'm doing P90X3 currently - which is every day for 30 minutes (though one day is a "rest"). I also go to a yoga studio on occasion (less than once a week, lol), and my husband and I just signed up for two lindy hop (aka swing dance) classes once a week with a social dance after. For anyone who doesn't know... lindy hop is…
  • The all-access pass is great! I just got it and have been loving it. So far there has not been any up-selling..
  • I'm doing P90X3 too! I started it today. Insanity is great - but super high intensity. I'd recommend 21 Day Fix or PiYo as a great first program!
  • I just started P90X3 today! It's like P90X but only 30 minutes a day. (In my book, that makes it less intense and easier to accomplish than P90X... though I haven't actually done P90X.) :blush: The first workout was great. 30 Day Shred would also be a great one for you to do!
  • Everyone feels that! When you see someone struggling or trying to learn the moves in a class, do you think bad thoughts about them or do you think "Wow - look at him/her. That's really awesome that they're pushing so hard/trying to make a healthy life choice/etc"? I bet you think the second one! Most all of us do. :smile:…
  • I've been on MFP for awhile now, but just getting into connecting with folks and chatting in the forums this year. :smile: Add me!
  • I agree with everyone else. Depending on where in the country you are, you can be viewed as too thin even at a perfectly healthy, average weight. (As an example: I've been given a second hot dog at events multiple times in college and was told I need to "fatten up" as a 125 lb/5'4" female...) And others don't understand…
  • Hello! I've been lurking on MFP for a long time now too - logging my workouts and food... but decided to get into posting on the boards for motivation this year. :smile: Feel free to friend me if you'd like!
  • Good for you to step it up this year! Your goal is to focus on your health this year. Do you have a plan of action yet? (Such as a type of workout you want to do x number of days for x number of minutes, nutrition goals like eating 1500 calories a day or cutting out soda, self-care goals like meditating, etc.) If you don't…
  • The biggest thing you can do to help yourself if to make a plan of action. 1. Put your workouts into your calendar like scheduled appointments. Treat them like you would a doctor's appointment. You wouldn't miss a doctor's appointment just because you don't feel like going to it. Do the same with your workouts! 2. Pre-log…
  • You got this! I'm looking for friends and accountability too. Feel free to add me as a friend also. :smiley:
  • Hi Drea! I'm just across the water from you. :smile: Sending you a friend request!