P90X results

I was thinking of doing this program and wanted to get some feedback. I'm 165 with 30 lbs to lose. I eat 1,200-1,400 calories a day. Did anyone get good results with this program.


  • quartknee11
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    You don't really need to exercise to lose weight. Just need that calorie deficit. But yes it is a good workout.
  • Terpnista84
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    My goal isn't to burn calories (which I know will happen), it's to retain muscle mass because of my high calorie deficit. I think I will do 30 Day Shred instead since it's less intense.
  • Jules_farmgirl
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    30 Day Shred is what I am doing too with a 30lbs goal. I start Level 2 today and can already see a difference in my shape, however most of that is fat loss, I am not seeing definition as doing both at the same time is a very slow process.
  • jessef593
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    You'd be better off doing a progressive lifting program rather than am endurance do based one.
  • amers271
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    I just started P90X3 today! It's like P90X but only 30 minutes a day. (In my book, that makes it less intense and easier to accomplish than P90X... though I haven't actually done P90X.) :blush: The first workout was great.

    30 Day Shred would also be a great one for you to do!
  • LeoT0917
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    Just finishing up P90X Classic. Lost 25 Lbs and strength gains are pretty impressive with the program. Still have some weight to get rid of around the midsection, but can now wear a lot of "new old" clothing that I had grown out of. LOL
  • BeeerRunner
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    I did P90X3 and lost 30 lbs over the 90 day program. It's the 30 minute version. I did also walk my dog 3 to 4x per week and I did Zumba on Saturdays. I typically ate between 1200 to 1300 calories a day and rarely ate back my calories burned.
  • Pathman1
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    I did the original P90X over the summer. It was a decent workout. I dropped about five pounds of fat and got some slightly bigger arms doing it.
  • LeoT0917
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    I should add that weight loss results will be highly variable depending on the diet you follow during any workout program.