Beach Body on Demand

Does anyone use beach body on demand? I know you can now get access to all of the programs for a year. Is it worth it?


  • workout_junkee
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    I bought it and love it. I am a workout at home person and this allows me to try so many different programs plus additional workouts just on BOD. You can do a 30 day free trial. You just won't get the newest programs during this time. I did that and had them change it over to all access for $99 once I was sure I wanted to purchase.
  • KnittingSoo
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    If you like Beachbody programs generally - then I'd say it's definitely worth it.

    I'm in the UK and can't get the 'all access' option -- but wish I could!! I have the 'regular' version (ie not all 'premium' workouts) and I use it regularly. It still gives me access to lots of great programs and so I get variety when I need it.

    There are the workout series you see on tv ads (many with extra workouts) and a few I'd never heard of before (there are some great yoga workouts for instance which I have never seen in infomercials).

  • Mellybean1183
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    I actually just signed up for the all access pass this weekend. I like working out at home, I've never been a big fan of the gym. So it works for me :smile:
  • StacywithaY
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    I just upgraded to the all access plan too. It works out a lil cheaper than the basic 12 months wld cost
  • StacywithaY
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    They're doing a 30 day free trial also, you'd just hv to remember to cancel before the 30 days are up, if you decided you didn't like it.
  • HomeatWDW
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    For those who signed up, did they try to hit you with a big upsell? I want to order it but don't want to deal with a process where I have to decline 20 other items and auto ships.
  • jayleeskinner
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    No they haven't yet!
  • Misspinklift
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    I have tried for 30 days and I did get the basic program. I now have annual. I believe it is worth getting because it is a lot cheaper then getting the dvds and going to the gym.
  • RBillard
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    my wife signed up for it and the variety of workouts available is pretty awesome. We can do cardio in the morning, resistance training on our lunch break, and yoga in the evenings. Wish they had an android app though.
  • anglyn1
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    I have had the BOD for around 6 months and love it. I just upgraded to the All Access which ended up being cheaper and has a lot more workouts. I'm really liking it! Sometimes I get emails about their supplements and stuff but no hard upsells and no product auto ships.
  • amers271
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    The all-access pass is great! I just got it and have been loving it.

    So far there has not been any up-selling..
  • Lollieio
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    It's absolutely worth it. I got the all access challenge pack so I got a month of the shakes too. I love having access to all their programs and the all access includes whatever they come out with in the next 12 months, which there is supposed to be 3 this year.
  • DancingMoosie
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    I wish I could try it. I really love some beach body workous, like turbo jam, but don't have unlimited internet. Boo
  • Misspinklift
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    I have it and love it. Worth it!
  • flynwriter
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    I signed up so we could get some of the workouts on DVD, and the library of workouts. It was intended just for me but my husband loves it and uses it more than I do! He's on the road a lot so he loves the unlimited access.
  • RavinJM
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    It too love BOD All Access. I work from home so it works better for me than having to go to a gym. Big fan of Tony, so being able to mix and match his programs is amazing.
    I am currently in Phase 2 of P90X2 and my wife is halfway through her second round of P90X3.
    No hard sell from them.
    I don't use their supplements or drinks so I tend to steer clear of any of the coaching stuff because I hate the pressure and having some one up sell me on goods every time I turn around.
  • Smamfa
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    I have it and I also love it! Into Week 2 of P90X3