My biggest dream is to be skinny! Hopefully 2017 is my year!

Hi, I'm 22 from UK and I tried losing weight for quite a while now but never really made it to my ideal weight! Looking for some motivation to keep me going!


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    What's your plan? Is it specific? Are you consistent? Is it really a priority or do you think "well maybe tomorrow I'll do better"?

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    Make a goal and chip away little by little
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    The biggest thing you can do to help yourself if to make a plan of action.

    1. Put your workouts into your calendar like scheduled appointments. Treat them like you would a doctor's appointment. You wouldn't miss a doctor's appointment just because you don't feel like going to it. Do the same with your workouts!
    2. Pre-log your food into your MFP food tracker. I do this, but leave an extra 100-200 calories out knowing that there will be something to snack on if I'm in a staff meeting or if I visit friends, etc. If I'm going out to eat, I look up the restaurant ahead of time to get an idea of what I might order and think about how to adjust my meal plan to let the meal (or half of the meal, saving half for leftovers) fit in with the rest of my day.

    You've got this!
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    Thank you very much! I will definitely keep it in mind and act on it!
  • That's true! Thanks :)
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    You haven't said what your ideal weight is and how far you are from achieving it... but maybe your ideal isn't actually "ideal"?! If you're truly aiming for "skinny" as your post title suggests then it's probably not healthy, so maybe you need to adjust your goals? Perhaps aim for fitness goals instead?
    Good luck with your journey in 2017 :)