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  • There is no straightforward answer to this. Generally, 30% of your daily calorie intake is good. However, if you are exercising a lot or doing a lot of resistance work, you might want to bump it up. However, you might also see recommendations of .8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. It totally depends on your…
  • Pip, So sorry for all that happened. Hope your shoulder heals quickly. Glad Kirby is coming around. Machka, I LOVE that reading area with the big window. I'd love to have a reading area like that, but it's not likely to happen in our current home. Kelly, I just learned a lot from Denise Austin about exercising. I didn't…
  • I refuse to watch the TV series until I’m done with the books. I don’t want the actors portraying the characters to mess with how I imagine them. Tina in CA
  • It is always great to listen to your body. But you don't have to quit either. You can always just do what feels comfortable in a squat. Go as far as you can without your knee hurting. Just keep moving throughout the period, even if you just move side to side or march in place. Sometimes, I just drop my weights and continue…
  • I am currently reading the final book in the Outlander series (or what is supposed to be the final book). It has been 3 years since I finished the first 7. It took the author a long time to finish and I forgot so much of what happened in the prior books and forgot many of the characters. I had to read a "Cliff's Notes"…
  • Yikes! Hope your up and running again soon! Tina in CA
  • My 2 cents-Once you sell it, you lose control over what happens to it and who resides there. The next owner could be a developer or someone who sells it to a developer, which seems likely from what you wrote. If you can keep it and potentially rent it, that might be your best bet. Tina in CA
  • I agree. I hated it when people went to work coughing up lungs and sneezing, snotty tissues everywhere. The mister was sick every few months when he was in the office full time. Tina in CA
  • Hello to all. Just checking in for a bit. Boredom-I don't really get bored. I think sitting and resting is a necessary party of living and it doesn't mean I'm bored. I was like others who, if mentioned being bored growing up, was immediately put to work doing chores. I am always able to find something on my own to avoid…
  • Yes, that scene is likely what will get me to sit still long enough and pay attention to that movie. :wink:
  • This is my experience too. Thanks!
  • Good day to you all. Its another hot day today. While worthy of complaint, it's a nice welcome after the unusually cool and annoyingly windy winter. Yesterday was wonderfully miserably hot. Looks like a repeat today. Do any of you have MFP on the Amazon Kindle tablet? I can't find an app for it. I recently got a Kindle for…
  • I don't know much about Hollywood, but that hottie is Channing Tatum. 😋 Tina in CA
  • Rebecca-I LOVE Athena's t-shirt and that expression in the first photo. Will have to remember that shirt when my great-nephew gets there! Welcome to the new people! It's a beautiful day here today. Had my coffee out on the deck. Have some work to do today, as I'm volunteering for a homeless outreach event tomorrow and then…
  • They specifically strengthen the muscles around the knee to support it. I started doing them in my 20s when I did Denise Austin's workouts. Quad leg raises: Sit on the floor or a chair, hands behind or grabbing the sides of the chair for support. You can lie on your back too, if that is more comfortable. Flex foot, with…
  • It's possible your issues are weather/climate related. When the winds blow from the east here (called Santa Ana's), I have all kinds of sinus-related issues. I also have them when the barometric pressure changes. I think it's hard to test for those types of things. Tina in CA
  • Tracey-There is an Amazon scam called "brushing." Sellers send items to real addresses and then give themselves verified reviews. It's possible that is the issue. There are other Amazon related scams like this. You might consider…
  • Same exercises I was given for knee issues. Plus quad raises and twisted quad raises (I don't know what they are called). Tina in CA
  • That is so sweet. Would have made me teary for sure. Tina in CA
  • I feel that if it makes one happy, no rationale or justification is necessary. Sounds like a fabulous journey. Tina in CA
  • The Amazon was one of the most amazing trips of my life. If she needs more photos, I can send some from last year. Such an incredible place. Tina in CA
  • That is a wonderful photo. I miss spring in the midwest. There really is nothing like it that I have experienced. Tina in CA
  • Allie-When my youngest sister was not even 1, I accidently dropped her on her head. She's in her 40s now. Other than making some terrible decisions (in my opinion), she's fine and a successful business person. I know it doesn't take the worry away, but kids are amazingly resilient. Karen-The flower could be a Peruvian…
  • Thanks! :smile:
  • Annie-Have you tried using dry shampoo with your mom? Perhaps you can apply it for her. I know as my grandfather got into his upper 80s and into his 90s, washing his hair was quite a chore. It was hard for him to lift his arms up that far. It's not going to replace washing it, but it may help from time to time. I use it…
  • Vicki and Heather-We made numerous comments to the general manager while we were there about things that needed attention and it was mentioned that they needed some "help" in the food department. Our relationship with this place is friendly, so we don't want to complain about everything, but they did need to know some…
  • Hi All. It’s been a while, I’ve been out traveling and reading, but not updating. I don’t like typing on my phone. Just a few comments, because I was basically out all of April. So, know I’m thinking about you all. Vicki-Records have made a comeback over the past several years. My nephew is 25 and he started collecting…
  • Then why the heck don't our lizards eat them! :smiley: We have lizards all over the place. Tina in CA
  • I wonder why a pet store sells those? We have issues with them too. It's a battle at our house with the Mister and his tomato plants. One year it was similar to Bill Murray's character and the gopher in Caddyshack. I found it entertaining. Tina in CA
  • I use my Kindle paperwhite as a light often. It's quite bright in the middle of the night. It's a softer light and lights up a decent sized area at a time. I got a few mixed tapes in my teens/early twenties. I still have one of them I got when I was 19. I remember one song on it was "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd. That…