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  • I am an advocate of fasting myself, lost my first 20 lbs by doing an 18:10 fast. Then I switched to an 14:10 and over a year later that is my daily routine., it is ingrained in my daily habits....I eat dinner by 5:30 and nothing until 7 :30 or 8 a.m. many benefits to a controlled eating window at least to me, it really…
  • Absolutely my doctor always tells me losing it slowly over a long period of time is the right way. I still have chips, ice cream, etc. But in small amounts , I can keep those foods in my house now without binging on them and that is powerful to me.
  • I have to agree....I find when I meet people that didn't know me prior that is the best because they have no clue I lost weight so nothing is said
  • I appreciate the Insightful comments....hmmm..maybe I should focus on toning instead. I am doing more weights the last couple of months so perhaps I need to focus more on that. I've always been more cardio focused.
  • Great I was wondering about this too. I am going to keep going just be diligent with cleaning machines and my hands...sitting around watching news coverage is draining
  • Started watching: How to get away with Murder Ozark - just finished Season 2 great show! The Outsider (Stephen King show)
  • Yeah I watched the first season of YOU....started to watch Season 2 but got bored.
  • Yeah sometimes...if someone has bigger boobs, nicer hair etc then I do think I wish I had her boobs/hair etc
  • Ugh...yep have had more than one of that kind of purchase. Now I have a crown and the post that fell out the other day..have to go to the dentist this morning hoping they can recement it back in....pain in the butt:(
  • I am 51 and losing about a pound per week by eating less. As of today weigh in 2 lbs to goal:) I am also very active I hike and do kickboxing 3 hours a week.
  • I do it...used to be more stringent used to do an 18:6. Now I do a 14:10 so I allow breakfast...so finish eating by 5:30 and have breakfast at 7:30 ish. I just eat less and the weight is coming off. I have lost 4 lbs in October by doing this. Three more to goal:) I love breakfast so appreciate being able to eat it now. I…
  • For me a great workout...when I am stinky sweaty love it!!
  • I am using body shop rea tree foaming cleanser...then witch hazel as a toner. Cerave moisturizer am and pm. I think I will try st Ives scrub though
  • Yes that's why I love satellite radio...once u have it hard to go back to normal radio morning shows
  • Or those stupid share posts...share if u hate cancer or love your kids/husband etc.
  • I guess to me it seems different when someone sets out to find someone as opposed to wow they met someone thru work, etc. and huge chemistry...I kind of get how things can happen with the unexpected chemistry thing as opposed to "I am going to sign up on Ashley M. and see if I can find someone to cheat with" ...not saying…
  • I look bad in pics too...the only way I look half decent is when it is more of a posed pic and I am ready for it...even then that is not always good:) The worst pics for me are the ones that I do not know someone is taking a picture..i.e. I am stuffing food into my mouth. My inlaws are bad for this...constantly snapping…
  • I agree...the other woman/man is often the one that the betrayed spouse blames and puts anger toward but they would not be let into a marriage if the cheater had not allowed them to.
  • I like this...I have 8 lbs to go and aim for low weight loss per month...anything from 1 to 2 lbs that's it. I find if I lower my expectations of how much to lose it makes a difference mentally.
  • I’ve only ever heard that saying by someone being sarcastic. [/quote] I know...someone said to me recently if you have a roof over your head and food in your stomach you are doing better than half the world so maybe that is living the dream.
  • Yeah but the honeymoon stage wears off...I have seen couples that have been together for a number of years and they cheated on their former spouses with each other and believe me the honeymoon stage and all the roses and champagne is long gone. What I find funny is that the cheater it is never their fault why their…
  • Yes but who is the common denominator in his three relationships that he has cheated during? Someone like that I think it is just in them to cheat regardless...
  • I am curious are you still living with your spouse?
  • Yeah for sure...I know the state of the marriage was not good..I own my responsibility in that for sure. So perhaps because of that I was more inclined to believe. Understand though if it ever happened again, I am done and he will lose a lot.
  • I think with H is that it was more of an ego boost, he was not getting what he needed from me..appreciation, etc. for a while before. He was also having issues sexually due to a medication he was on so he said that pretending by sexting, etc. with someone else made him feel more of a man (if that makes sense)...apparently…
  • H had an emotional thing with someone years ago...we stayed together. I didn't tell that many people partly because I think are others going to think I am stupid for keeping him around..I caught him twice with the same person (it was long distance..she didn't live close at all) I still get pissed off about it but I guess I…
  • I just think too sometimes people think that technology will help them but I like to think more old school myself...back about 15 years ago I was diligent with not eating after supper then I would make a point in the morning before eating to get a work out in and ironically I was at a good weight. So now I am just going…
  • I think the longer fasting windows are more challenging for sure for me...I have done an 18:6 (so 18 hours fast and six hours feeding window) and found that challenging. I now do a 14:10 so I eat three meals a day however I am just eating less. Personally I find the 14:10 way easier (so I stop eating at 5:30 p.m. and have…
  • I think IF apps are unnecessary myself. When I was doing an 18:6 window I would stop eating at 5:30 and would not eat until 11:30 next day. Now I do a 14:10 so stop eating at same time and have breakfast at 7:30ish. To me it is relatively easy to keep track of but if it helps you stay on track why not?
  • Looks like a great book, I am going to check it out. I need some readings to learn to calm myself down especially when I get anxious/worried/stressed, etc. I tend to over react/over think/be negative, etc. etc. especially during difficult challenging times.