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  • Username: @CrystalEssex PW: 113.6 CW: 114.8 I missed last week. It was super busy and I didn't track well. My premium also expired and we are saving to put a down payment on a house in 8 weeks, so I'm not going to renew until July. @AmyG1982 I'm going to put a pause on this challenge and I'll be back once I update my…
  • Username: @CrystalEssex PW: 113.0 CW: 113.6 Ate some ice cream on Sunday that had sugar alcohols in it. Always leaves be bloated and fluid filled. Gross.
  • Username: @CrystalEssex Weigh In: Wednesdays PW: 114.2 CW: 113.0 Finally some momentum.
  • I'm actually getting 70% fat without even trying really. I think it deoends on what you are used to eating. We tend to stick to the same things. Atleast for me. Last time I did keto from 2017-2019 and my macros stayed about 8% C/65-75% F/ 25-35% P. Now I'm averaging about 5/70/25. I have gotten to the point that I don't…
  • It's getting better. I find it is off and on now. I ate out today so I ate eggs, bacon, and a salad. 300 calories but I'm not hungry. I'm just enjoying it. Listening to hunger cues. My body will not let me starve lol. I feel great, so as long as I feel good, I'm not going to worry much. Thanks for the replies
  • Username: @CrystalEssex Week: March Week 2 Weigh In: Wednesdays PW: 115.8 CW: 114.2 🙌 Finally going down and not bouncing around the same 3-4 lbs.
  • I remember it being like that for me too last time bit 4 days into it and I was not having any cravings and I was not hungry at all. Still not getting enough calories in but I feel great. Did intermittent fasting today and will continue tomorrow. Im excited to see the scale in the morning.
  • The no cravings part is amazing. It's too easy 😆
  • So I'm only getting like 500 calories a day, though. That's whats concerning. Ill ride it for some time and see how it goes. I feel great. I'm going to go with IF and have a short eating window. Start with my salad and eat the bulk last? Maybe I won't be as full and will be able to get more calories in. I am in moderate…
  • Hey guys. Any one in here doing keto? I did Keto in 2017-2019, and have been slowly restricting my carbs to get down below 20g. I've been strict for almost a week. I can't remember if I had appetite suppression like this last time in the beginning. I know my cravings for sugar and carbs went away last time, but I'm…
  • I know appetite suppression is normal on keto, but I'm also wondering if it is worse at the beginning, or if I need to eat something I would normally eat for dinner that has a little more veggies so a little more carbs in the morning and save my highest fat meal for dinner so I am satisfied until lunch. Since my appetite…
  • Username: @CrystalEssex Week: March Week 2 Weigh In: Wednesdays PW: 117.0 CW: 115.8 Sorry. Im a few days late. It's been a busy week and I kept getting distracted/forgetting to come post. Hope everyone is doing well 😄
  • Username: @CrystalEssex Week: March Week 2 Weigh In: Wednesdays PW: 117.4 CW: 117.0 Going in the right direction
  • Username: @CrystalEssex Week: March Week 1 Weigh In: Wednesdays PW: 120.6 CW: 117.4 Turns out my gain last week was just some annoying bloating. Expecting a loss next week 💪
  • Username: @CrystalEssex Week: Feb Week 4 Weigh In: Wednesdays PW: 116.2 CW: 120.6 Up and down, up and down. Ugh. Started a new job Monday and have been crazy busy all week getting some assignments done. Did not eat horrible, but didn't track everything. That always gets me. Ill be down next week. Let's hope the week after…
  • Username: @CrystalEssex Week: Feb Week 3 Weigh In: Wednesdays PW: 118.2 CW: 116.2 Forgot to weigh in yesterday morning so I'm a day late. Moving in the right direction.
  • Hey guys! I have been a little MIA. I have really stretched myself this week and pushed myself to reach ny goals. Hit the gym 3x last week, got 10k+ most days (today will be low because its house day and homework day). My macros are pretty stable, went a little over for breakfast today because we ate out, but I am down 2…
  • Is it too late to join the Feb challenge?
  • No fiber. Which i thought was odd as well. I track it 3g once and use the bag twice in the morning
  • Username: @CrystalEssex Week: Feb Week 2 Weigh In: Wednesdays PW: 119.2 CW: 118.2
  • Weighed myself and completely forgot to post. Past two days have been BUSY! Gained the weight I lost month back. But I had some weird health news that knocked me off track. I am over it. I took some photos and back at it this month! Have been tracking and exercising. Goal 10k steps. Smashed that yesterday. Need to work on…
  • Hope he is doing better!!!
  • Had been searching for a diagnosis for my health related issues for quite some time, atleast 12 years. Finally got one a week or two ago and I've been kind of spiraling out of control. I've pulled myself together and I'm going to be back on track. We got this 😁
  • Welcome everyone B)
  • Username: @CrystalEssex Week: Jan Week 4 Weigh In: Wednesdays PW: 116.4 CW: 115.8 Not a huge loss but a loss indeed! Still trying to find a rhythm with school, work, busy-ness. I need to get over myself and get back to the gym. Was going to go today but I was sitting on my couch finishing my Bible reading and I really…
  • Username: @CrystalEssex Week: Jan Week 3 Weigh In: Wednesdays PW: 116.2 CW: 116.4 Wow. I maintained last week with not tracking consistently. I'm not too mad at myself!
  • Guys. We were down two nurses yesterday. One on Monday. And the weekend was not kind to me as I previously stated. Plus school started again. These are not excuses, just challenges. I have not been tracking, lost my streak, and although I have been making good choices, not tracking means I am still probably over eating and…
  • Woah @Minion_training_program . Great job!
  • Girl. We all have our ups and downs. We are in this together!
  • Date: Friday/Saturday Tracked: Yes Under: yes Exercise: no Water: under Steps: Didn't look at my app, low for today because I've been riding in a vehicle. Day: Busy day. Had work, then did taxes, then church. Today we had prayer, then went to look at a house, now going to see a friend. Busy busy. Calories are under because…