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  • Like everyone says, caloric deficit is all you need for weight loss, cardio for health. I always cut without doing any planned session of cardio, because my metabolism is already high due to my high NEAT and the fact in some ways, I actually am doing some sort of LISS (Low-Intensity Sustained State cardio incase you were…
  • Like any muscles, you need to develop them through training in order to make them get thicker and stronger....of course, if you have a high body fat%, they will likely hide underneath the fat. The more years of experience at the gym, the more your abs can pop out a little bit through higher body fat % (up to a certain…
  • Calorie for calorie, it doesn't make any difference for body composition. Beyond it, you may find that one diet or the other will make you feel more satiated.
  • If you go back to your regular diet, you'll lose weight quickly since it's all water weight. On my last vacation, I came back 8 lbs heavier, I lost those 8 lbs in 2 weeks. It wasn't fat, it was mainly water weight.
  • Get a good workout program (5X5 program is a good place to start), you can either recomp or lean bulk. If you decide to lean bulk, make sure you're eating 500 calories over your maintenance, 200-250 calories if youre an experienced lifter. I also suggest you weigh your foods.
  • All I can say is prepare your meals + prelog your meals on mfp in advance so that you nibble on something when you're on break so that you don't get the urge of eating the leftover food. That's what I do at work, it prevents me from getting the food at my work and the snacks I eat help me stay full. Best of all, it fits…
  • 1196 calories is way too low for someone who wants to build muscles and gain strength....something's not adding up.
  • The issue is that aggressive deficit. It reminds me about The biggest loser where contestants on the show lost tremendous weight in a short period of time and most of them regained the weight back after the show .
  • They lose it quickly because it's mainly water weight and glycogen that is getting depleted, not fat. Keto can only benefit you in your weight loss journey only if it keeps you satiated enough for you to stick at a caloric deficit.
  • Can you lose weight without counting calories? Of course you can, but that usually requires knowing and having the experience with eye balling and knowing instinctively if you're eating less than you burn, usually it's someone who has counted his or her calories for a long time. In my case, all I usually need to do is eat…
  • Pick among any foods that are part of the mediterrenean diet and be at a caloric deficit...you will lose weight guaranteed. A diet alone doesn't do anything for body composition, it's simply eating less calories than you burn that will directly cause you to lose weight.
  • I only use the cheat days for social events (xmas, thanksgiving, weddings, family gatherings, etc...). I don't need a cheat day because I am not crazy about going to restaurants or just devouring junk food for one day. My body doesn't crave junk food for whatever reason, probably because I am used to have my meals planned…
  • Still a long way to go, but I am happy where my body's at. I doubt I am hot, but at least my current physique is much better than the skinny fat version of me prior to 2013. Me in 2013, I had just signed up at the gym (Left), At (Photo on the right) my leanest in April 2017 at 155 lbs. Recent bulk & cut.
  • I like the Keurig President's Choice Maple flavor, not too strong, just perfect.
  • If you enjoy your diet, that's good. But the part about leaning out and losing fat and building muscles can be acheived with any diet really provided that you're on recomp or bulking. A diet doesn't directly caused what you say it acheived.
  • The only jeans I buy are from American Eagle, they don't feel tight around the crotch like other jeans.
  • It depends, if I know I've been going to restaurants a lot in the last few days and weeks, I tend to be cautious at restaurant or simply just do Intermittent Fasting so that I can eat those big meals at a restaurant. I usually eat lean proteins during the day and save all my fats and carbs for that outing....However with…
  • Like everyone says, if you don't have any health issues requiring you to limit your sugar intake, you're fine as long as your calories are in check and you meet your micronutrients and fiber needs for the day.
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  • I agree and you see results faster than recomp especially later on when the muscle gains become slower and harder.
  • My hunch is the same as everyone else here, I think you're eating way too low. I would start eating at 2500 calories and see after three weeks what your results are. If you see you haven't lost weight or you lost too little (under 0.5 lbs per week), decrease your calories by 125-250 and then see again after 3 weeks. My…
  • This one is good for beginners https://aworkoutroutine.com/the-beginner-weight-training-workout-routine/ If you're not a beginner, this one is good too https://aworkoutroutine.com/the-muscle-building-workout-routine/ Best of all, it's free.
  • I don't know who actually thinks cereal is nutritious in general (there are exceptions of course). Also, sugar isn't bad. Sugar can become bad if it's combined with you overeating. If you're eating at a caloric deficit, at maintenance or even lean bulking (provided that your not lean bulking at a heavy body fat %), sugar…
  • If it's a vegan diet, why not just do regular vegan diet at a caloric deficit? Saves you money since you don't need to buy his book for that and you get the same results.
  • It goes to show the power of media. Carbs are nothing to be feared, the fear started because in the media, that's how they portray carbs. My mom was watching Rachel Ray the other day and it annoyed me that she kept saying "Oh this is a very healthy meal because how low the carbs are in this recipe"....I cringed when I…
  • You lose weight by being in a caloric deficit, not low carbs. On my last cut, my fats were at 15% and my carbs were around 50%, still lost weight simply because I made sure I ate less calories than I burned. In the end, you pick a diet that you prefer, individual macros have nothing to do with weight loss, calories do.…
  • 2 days will give you very slow results, but it's still better than nothing.
  • Basically 99% of fitness youtubers lol That's how they make their living on youtube...with clickbaits.
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  • Here's a good example of weight fluctuations,this was from my last cut. Nothing is linear in my chart lol
  • Sarcasm level is quite high today :D
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