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  • One day you will look back at pictures of yourself now and see how young, slim and healthy you looked. I know at 18 it can be hard to see that and there is so much pressure to look a certain way. If you are looking at other young women online and thinking they are the ideal, please just stop doing that. I might be making…
  • Although I must add, I did walk into my local fitness store and walk out with the Water Rower of my dreams. The exact model and colour I was hoping for about a month ago. I can’t forget about that good fortune!!
  • Oh wow! Good for you! I’ve been waiting on all sorts of things!
  • I love my Apple Watch. I bought the first one when it came out. I’m on the third generation now and I think I’ll upgrade when the next one comes out. I love watching my circles.
  • The Peloton digital app is amazing. I’m using it nearly every single day whether on my spin bike, yoga or strength. It’s a great quarantine app! I’m definitely keeping it after things open up too. For spinning, they have all different kinds of rides and lengths. You can start as a beginner and work your way to longer and…
  • I bought a water rower a month ago. I love it! It’s beautiful, blends in with my living room, sounds lovely, has a small footprint, is so smooth and I actually use it because it’s right there in my living room.
  • Peloton has fantastic yoga classes
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  • How excited! I started on the Peloton app two weeks ago and I love it. I already had a spin bike and iPad. I picked up a cadence sensor. I’d love the Peloton bike but can’t justify it because I had my old spin bike. Enjoy it!!
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  • My doggie just turned 1. She watches me on my spin bike, slides under me when I’m strength training or doing yoga. If I have one limb on the ground for more than a few seconds she snuggles against it. It makes me so happy!! She’s currently snuggled against me on the couch.
  • I already had a spin bike and an iPad, so I downloaded the Peloton App about five days ago. I absolutely frickin love it. They are giving away three free months of the digital app if you sign up in April. Download the app and check out the classes to see if you would find them appealing. If I didn’t already have a spin…
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  • Nah, you didn’t screw it all up. My husband had a tonsillectomy five days ago so I’ve been cooking a lot of comfort foods and eating a lot of ice cream. To support him of course! Haha. I just weighed myself and it looks like I’m up 5 pounds. I’m sure it’s a lot of water weight. I decided to get back on track today. No…
  • I think your arms currently looking amazing as they are. You look fit and healthy.
  • Way to go! What a beautiful smile too!
  • Yes, and you’ll know when you hit your feel good weight. When I was losing weight after pregnancy, I hit 150 and felt pretty good. Then I hit 140 and felt fantastic. Then I stopped. I found my feel good weight.
  • There are also loads of healthy snack options there like fruit salads and spicy pickles. I salivate thinking of Disney pickles. So good.
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  • I am also a 5’7 female and 18 pounds makes a huge difference. That’s two dress sizes for me. After pregnancy, going from 168 to 150 was remarkable for me. When I hit 140, I had never received so many compliments on my figure before.
  • Sorry, I can never figure out how to respond directly to someone on my phone.
  • Was it right after having a baby when your weight was likely higher than 146? If so that's quite a bit different than losing ten pounds starting at 146. Nope. It was a year after giving birth. I lost the majority of the weight immediately afterward. I focused on ten pounds one year later and after I finished breast…
  • I think that’s very doable! I’m also 5’7.5 and currently 146. My goal is 138 which is my happy weight. I’ve lost 10 pounds in ten weeks twice before after children. I just make sure I’m eating well and feeling satisfied and getting my fitness in. Good luck!
  • You are beautiful! Also, I think you may appreciate having a youthful face as you age. You may never have a gaunt face. Fantastic!
  • Congratulations!! Yay! I was pregnant when my oldest was 9 months old. There’s load of benefits to having them close together. I’m happy for you!
  • Hi ladies. I’m 34. I had my babies at 28 and 29. When I was 30 I focused on my weight and fitness and was even a bit slimmer than pre-babies. Like I was in my early 20’s. I honestly have never felt so attractive in my life. It was a combination of confidence that comes with age, feeling like “myself” again after kids. I…
  • You already look fit and slim. You’re beautiful!
  • My absolute two greatest physical achievements we’re giving birth twice with zero pain medication. My brain went absolutely bananas from the hormonal explosion meeting my beautiful boys. It was like a brain orgasm. If I could relive any day, it would be my youngest’s birth. I can’t imagine anything feeling better than that…
  • I wish Tesco was in Canada.
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  • @cwolfman13 well I learned that somatotypes are not a thing today. I just did some interesting reading. I think you are likely in the majority with your preferences.
  • And apparently I don’t know how to properly quote and respond to others. Sorry about the above reply.
  • There's a happy medium...I could drop to 170 or so and be very lean and aesthetically look really good because my muscles would be well defined, 6 pack and all of that...at 132 I would indeed be skin and bones...I know because that's about where I was when I was a senior in high school, and I was super skinny and bony.…
  • A person can be tall, but also have a small frame. A person can be shorter and have a larger frame. I think if the OP has a small frame, then it would be fine for her to be at a lower BMI. I am 5’7.5 and personally feel slim, strong and healthy when my BMI is 20.5. My frame size is average. If my frame was small, I’d…
  • I love my Beats X wireless earbuds. They are my favourite headphones of my life. I love that the earbuds are connected and I can hang them around my neck, and that they are magnetic so they stay together and are secure. They connect easily to my iPhone or Apple Watch. The sound is fantastic. They actually stay in my ear…