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  • @cwolfman13 I just had a lightening bolt moment- POTATOES!!!! @lemurcat2 I’ll have to start logging my coffee! I figured out that potassium is left out of most foods on MFP and I’m avidly double checking items. It’s really fun to focus on something other than calories some days. I was feeling pretty optimistic but I just…
  • Last three days were 3x’s yes but maybe not the most balanced. Saturday’s calories were mostly cocktails and Sunday was all pizza!!! DH has the week off so we’re on pretend vacation. Luckily we live close to skiing so he’s been going every day. I’m going to join him tomorrow. This is my first winter downhill skiing, it’s…
  • 3x’s yes. Hard to keep the calories in check but I used some inner strength to close the kitchen. Very carefully joined my workout group, I modified abs and lifting to protect my back.
  • Yesterday was pass day 5 and today is six. I woke up ready to conquer the day. My back had another plan! It randomly completely seized up yesterday morning so it was two days mostly reclining in one position eating cereal. Feeling ready to ease back into it.
  • 3x’s yes! I enjoy walking just about anywhere without too much traffic. I’m not picky but I love lots of hills. Most important to me is a good story to listen to. I’m almost always listening to a book or This American Life or The Moth Radio Hour.
  • 3x’s yes!
  • 3x’s yes
  • 3x’s yes! Workout with my crew and good on calories.
  • 3x’s yes.
  • Awwww Nuts, pass #4 mindlessly ate too many cashews. Over by 200 calories. I’m still struggling with calories but I am moving in the right direction.
  • 3x’s yes today and yesterday! I sleep like a good baby 99% of the time.
  • 3x’s yes! Really under on calories which balances my pass day yesterday. 6 mile walk this morning- I started walking to work which I am finding a beautiful balance to a day at the library. It’s really a less then a mile walk to work but I’ve been taking crazy meandering 4-5 mile routes on the way there.
  • @Mrs_Hoffer YOU GO!!!! Lol I love the mental game of “just get to the corner” now “just get to the red car” I play that game in my head often!! Now next time you do it you can also say “I can do this because I’ve done it before!!” It’s a very powerful thing to be able to tell yourself.
  • Taking Pass 3. Only about 100 calories over and everything logged. It was a good day with an hour of strength and abs with my crew plus a 3 mile walk.
  • 3x’s yes. Good on calories. Five mile walk.
  • @SModa61 lol I am literally laughing out loud, I could have sworn there was a “too late” date too!!!! I will be honest I haven’t read the actual rules since summer 2019🤣🤣🤣
  • @SModa61 funny in my head I thought there was something about posting every certain number of days too. I just couldn’t remember how many. It might not be a rule but 3 seems like the right number to not stray too far!
  • 3x’s yes. Good on calories and 5 miles walked. It seems trivial to think about checking in to UAC on this historically shameful day here in the states.
  • 3x’s yes. An hour of strength and abs with my crew and a 4.5 mile evening walk. Really nice on calories- I started to eat mindlessly and ate two chocolates at work. Almost kept going but I read the label and realized how many calories they had. I wanted more but I stopped myself.
  • Uh oh- pass #2. I went over by 50 calories because I didn’t read a label carefully and I didn’t pre log. Rest day so I did a 45 minute yoga. I do not eat back my calories but I factor my activity into my base calorie number. I eat to fuel workouts because I love working out, I don’t exercise to absorb extra calories.
  • 3x’s yes. Good on calories. Today was a super fun workout at the park with my crew- battle ropes, slam ball, bosu, pull ups and oh so much more! It sleeted on us a little but we are a tough group! It did make me miss the gym because I want this everyday but I am so lucky to have my crew. 1 pass used
  • @Dory_42 Winners successfully accomplish the 3 or less pass days and champions go over on pass days but they don’t give up, they keep checking in. Yesterday was pass #1. I was a bit of a slug and embraced some binge tv. No exercise but good on calories. Today is 3x’s yes. Lol I did body weight moves alternating with cardio…
  • Oh it’s a pass! BUT I walked seven miles this morning after an hour of strength because I knew it would be an evening of snacks and drinks. I’m not logging but I do know that I’m ok.
  • 3x’s yes. An hour of alternating spin with weights and abs. Plus a 4 mile walk. Good on calories but my main food group was chocolate.
  • What a great list for December. I’m happy to have made it back to UAC- I didn’t exactly stick it out for the full month BUT I am here at the end. It’s a big win for me. Today was a great day- my first strength workout in over a month. I’m modifying and lifting light, better than nothing (which was driving me crazy). Plus a…
  • 3x’s I did really well on calories and came in well under. Another 5 mile walk listening to podcasts.
  • @ginadomaszewicz 😂😂😂 that is so funny. Oddly that post didn’t show up for me but now that I’m seeing it- it’s very funny and clearly a typo or ghost typing. Thank you for your kind words, the support I’m feeling from sharing that I’m having a hard time with my weight loss journey is really helping me let go of the negative…
  • Thank you for the support. I teared up a little. Reading everyone’s posts also reminds me that the struggle is real and I’m not alone. Today is my first 3x’s yes in about a week. I just made it on calories thanks to pre-logging. It was a cold but beautiful day and I walked about 6 miles while catching up on some podcasts.
  • @Hollis100 perfect image for today. I fell off the wagon of checking in each day. It is hard to check in and report pass 6, pass 7, pass 8. But I know the process works so I’m not going to give up. @RangerRickL thinking about January made me check in today. In January of 2020 I was a woman who had lost 100lbs. Right now,…
  • 3x’s yes! Back on track. This month has its detours but as long as I keep getting back to it I’m super proud.