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  • I have read before somewhere on a fitness site that most people should exercise heavily for like 10-20 minutes, moderately 20-40 minutes and lightly up to 1 hour every other day. Make sure to do aerobic, anaerobic like weights on opposite days. So I guess the average person should exercise 1 hour per day or 2 hours every…
  • I'm a little late in posting on here, but I just saw this thread today. I have requested many friends on this post, because I only have about 12 friends right now. Thanks for starting this post "mytime3360". You can read my profile to know more about me, than what I post here. Starting weight 215 and now like 4 years later…
  • I have lost 7 pounds so far in 2 years, but hoping to lose much more quickly. First goal is to lose 3 more pounds, then second goal is to lose 5 more than before.
  • I can't upload a picture, but I really enjoyed what my husband made me today. He took a tortilla, added 1 tbs of nacho sauce, fried onions, boiled potato chunks, crumbled bacon, and a slice of tomato. I hope you try it.
  • WhoaDough bars are new to me. Gluten free with 150 calories, and 4 protein. They taste indulgent too. I bought them online at a discount. I really like protein bars in general, most have at least 9 protein.
  • I have received both my shots of the phizer vaccine and had no side effects. It didn't even hurt at all, but I am used to shots. My husband received both shots, too, and his hurt a little. I am 53 and he is 62 and we live in a multigenerational family household. My son will be receiving his shots soon, because he works in…
  • Great job. I had a friend that looks like you (Her name is Sue) and I have lost contact with her. I hope she loses weight like you have done. I only need to lose 75 pounds, but that is a lot for me. Right now, I am at 40% BMI.
  • great job losing weight, and I hope you can keep it off.
  • I am starting over too. I finally decided to talk with my doctors about losing weight and they are finally helping me, my previous doctors did not. I am on wellbutrin, eating about 1300-1500 calories per day with 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat. I do not eat 3 hours or less before bedtime, and have started adding bone…
  • You did a phenomenal job, make sure that excess weight does not come back. I have been eating 1000-1300 calories per day with 2 meals, one at noon and one at midnight...with no success. I talked with my doctors and now have 2 meals a day plus snacks, one when I get up and then one meal at 7-8pm. I go to bed at midnight. I…
  • Please add me to your group, I do not know how to do it. I am 53.5 years old and 212.5 pounds and 5 feet tall. I am looking for new women friends only. I need to lose 60-75 pounds and have been trying for 30 years. I have been with myfitnesspal for over one year and consistently meet my eating goals, but have trouble…
  • tomorrow, I will have 3 4 inch homemade pancakes without syrup nor butter and some ginger tea (unsweetened). And then later, I will have a beef bouillion cube in hot water and sip it down.
  • I am on a semi-fast, where I eat half of the normal amount of calories in a day, so I had 2 scrambled eggs, cheese, real bacon bits wrapped into a flour tortilla to eat and moringa tea (unsweetened) to drink.
  • I think you should not plan for cheat day, but when it happens, accept yourself. I average 1 cheat day out of 30, so not bad.
  • I find pinto bean soup and nachos made of beans and cheese on tortilla chips are very filling
  • I have to limit my salt, sugar, uncooked vegetables, and acidic fruits. I have Crohn's disease. I decided to quit soda pop completely. I want to clean, which to me means few processed foods, only free-range chickens and eggs, and grass-fed beef and bison and lamb, organic when needed. I think, if you vary your diet to 28…
  • I am following a no added salt, no added sugar diet with free-range eggs, grass-fed meat, organic fruits and vegetables. I am 51 yo, happily married, thankful mom who is 200 pounds and only 5 feet tall. I believe clean eating is the way to go. I have Crohn's and other medical issues, am disabled and looking to lose 60…
  • Hi, new here too. I try to eat whole foods and less processed ones. I gave up soda pop and asperatame. I limit salt and sugar. I eat grass-fed meat, free-range eggs, organic when needed. Sherry, I have Crohn's too, but am obese and trying to lose weight. 51 yo, happily married, thankful mom, looking for female friends only.
  • Hello Sarah, I am new too. 51 yo, 200 pounds, 5 feet tall, happily married and a thankful mom.
  • Hi Jennifer, I am looking for female friends only. I just started here. 51 yo, 200 pounds, 5 feet tall and trying to get to 140.
  • My goal is 60 pounds, which will put me at slightly overweight. I am disabled and like to crochet, play computer games, and make rosaries. I have 2 chihuahuas and a black cat. I am happily married and a thankful mom. I am 51 yo, but taking "Lifetime Wellness" class at college, where I learned how to read food labels in the…
  • New member here, just started today, 51 yo wife and mom, 200 pounds, 5 feet tall. Working on a Lifetime Wellness college class, where a friend recommended me to join MFP. I do not add sugar nor salt to anything, but fruit has lots of sugar to begin with. Gave up pop, and asperatame this month. Started walking 30 minutes…
  • flour tortillas for our morning meal of eggs, cheese, and bacon burritos.
  • I do not have a picture, but we ate deli turkey sandwiches with a little mayo and slice of american cheese on cracked wheat bread, mashed potatoes, turkey stuffing, black olives, pickles and pumpkin cake.
  • Beans, rice or corn, tomatoes, avocados, onions, jalapeno make a good, high-protein meal that costs less than most meals with meat.
  • Hi, I'm 51 and 200 pounds and 5 feet tall. I'd like to get to 140.
  • I am a crocheter with many unfinished projects like matching ponchos for hubby and I. I hope this group is still active, as I just joined MFP today. I was 100 pounds in high school, now 30 years later, double that. I plan to becme healthier and weight around 140 on my 5 foot frame.
  • Hi, 51 yo, happily married female wanting to lose weight, get in shape and feel great.