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  • While it's certainly true that acute protein turnover studies have found that to be the case, it gets a little more complicated when testing results of resistance training on vegans, since multiple studies have found no differences. For example, this recent study replicated another relatively recent study:…
  • If you're obese, a model some researchers and science communicators have suggested is to just base protein on your height (in cm) as well (suggested. by eric helms and others).
  • From the web, settings > change units. Should be similar on the app.
  • When you say used, i'm going to assume you mean used for lean mass building. I don't think it's quite clear. Based on experimental acute data we know the amount of protein per feeding isn't fixed, but rather changes with lean body mass (as well as age). I know RP tends to favor having 4-7 protein feedings/day, although…
  • To the extent that different surfaces impact hr and hrv, they will be reflected in the vo2max estimate. I don't recall speed being an input in the firstbeat algorithm.
  • Precision Nutrition is a general term, not related to the company afaik. However, Spector is a consultant for ZOE Global, which is trying to commercialize this stuff via testing kits and an app (and is primarily behind the research). The findings are from predict-1 I believe. You can get some more non-paywalled details…
  • Usually a comfortably hard pace (88-92% max hr) for 20-60m is for improving vo2max, but honestly at this point, i'd just work through your c25k program, and after that work on getting your easy miles up before you add any harder days. Often your vo2max will improve (to a point) from just general fitness. Since you're…
  • Iron Culture did a show on pain science in 2019. They covered the intersection of form and injury risk with a panel of experts in the field starting at 1:41:47. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-S8nThxpqY&t=6107s
  • For swings, I've always used something similar to the simple & sinister progression where you're generally doing 10 sets of 10 (one handed, alternating hand between each set) and using step loading progression (replacing 2 of your lower weight sets with the heavier KB and sticking with that for 4 weeks, and then repeat). I…
  • Instead of deadlifts, maybe you could work in another hip hinge pattern. Perhaps a KB Swing, if you're able to do those.
  • Whether I wear a mask depends on whether I think I'm going to encounter enough other people to justify it. If running outside, I never wear a mask (but always give people I encounter 6-10ft). If doing errands where I'll encounter other people relatively frequently, I always do just in case i've contracted it and haven't…
  • It depends on the brand. I like livwell, orgain, and optimum nutrition powders. I can tolerate vega. Most of the rest i've tried aren't to my taste preferences.
  • Engine 2 granola is reasonably low in sugar and fat (around 7g each per serving). It tastes low in sugar and fat, too (I don't think it tastes bad, but it clearly tastes more ... plain).
  • I know a lot of people who love it, but I'm not personally fond of mixing my conditioning and strength work together. I also like everything to be periodized, which doesn't work so well with crossfit so as good as it may be, I don't think i'm an ideal candidate for crossfit.
  • I actually don't know how halo top gets away with calling themselves ice cream in the US even, since it doesn't appear like they would pass the 10% threshold for milk fat in the CFR. It doesn't bother me either way, since I don't eat dairy, but it's odd, and I'm sure there's something I don't quite understand about the CFR…
  • I would imagine all of them would be based on beat by beat heart rate and hrv based respiration, since that's how the firstbeat algorithm works. See the white paper at: https://assets.firstbeat.com/firstbeat/uploads/2015/10/white_paper_energy_expenditure_estimation.pdf Maybe the current version of the algo takes more…
  • I like the taste of orgain peanutbutter if we're only counting widely available brands. I also like livwell nutrition's coconut flavor, but it's not widely available and is pretty expensive
  • I believe only the specific vegan varieties are made with coconut milk (the rest have skim milk). The easy way to tell the difference is writing on the side of the lid means it's vegan, and a solid colored edge is non-vegan.
  • I usually have an amy's or sweet earth frozen meal for lunch. Sodium is a bit too high, and protein too low for my tastes...but I haven't felt like meal prepping and they'll do. If amy's brown rice, black eyed peas, and veggies meal had a little less brown rice and some tofu added, it'd be perfect for me.
  • Pavel's Simple and Sinister [book] would be my first choice. The only downside is the tgu is somewhat challenging, so might take a while to get the form quite right. I know a lot of people progress by starting with half tgu's first.
  • b12, d3, algae dha/epa, and a Zeaxanthin + Lutein supplement my eye doctor has me on.
  • I (vastly) prefer treadmills for hill workouts, but for everything else I prefer an indoor track in winter or outside the rest of the time.
  • strong or jefit would be my top picks, although there's a ton of them (i use strong)
  • I suggest you start slow, probably starting with the recipes. I like soscuisine for recipies, since you can filter on diet choice. I'm vegan, but I don't personally believe the science supports the position that veganism is more (or less) healthy than other modalities. If you decide you want to fully adopt a plant based…
  • I plan to eventually transition to the default diet/a more intuitive way of eating, since I feel like it's better (for me) psychologically. https://3dmusclejourney.com/default-diet/
  • monohydrate has been studied the most. I'm not saying the fancier variants are less effective (i don't believe that), but merely that the advantages are quite situational, particularly if you are patient and just use maintenance doses to slowly raise your levels instead of doing the loading phase some people do. examine…
  • Unless monohydrate gives you an upset stomach, i'd stick to the much less expensive creatine monohydrate.
  • If I only have 300kcal, then a doughnut because I don't want a bagel with nothing on it (I usually put pb on mine). Maybe I could squeeze some hummus on a bagel in that calorie allotment, but it would be close unless the bagel happened to be especially small.