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  • Im vegetarian and found an increase in protein boosted my energy. Recently I started taking creatine and my 3pm fog is gone, Ive more energy and my mind is clearer. I researched into my experience with creatine and apparently its due to the vegetarian diet why Ive had such a boost from creatine in terms of mental clarity.…
  • Hi black beans feature in some Indian recipes like this one. Ive made black bean brownies before, so amazing, you cant tell black beans are in them but your digestive system will know. Lots of fibre! I love mashed beans and will put them in a pitta with stir fried peppers…
  • I think learning the calories in what you are eating can be eye opening and helpful. For example this morning I had 13 grams of granola with my yoghurt and it was 60 calories. Thats interesting to know as this is a tiny amount of granola. Before I weighed food I would easily have consumed way more calories than I realised…
  • For me this is a great answer. I have canned mixed bean salad and a carton of gazpacho in the fridge as I type this. I freeze fruit and blend with plain yoghurt. This I call fruit soup and serve with muesli or granola and fresh fruit.
  • My expert was Thomas de Lauer initially, then Dr Eric Berg I listened to a lot. For me IF curbs my appetite. I do it intermittently, every few days. It changed everything positively for me when I began this practice.
  • We are in our fifth week total outside exercise allowed at all. I've lost 3 pounds and keeping it off. I use kitchen scales for everything, I monitor net calories in the app. I use my smart scale to see muscle & fat, I use my smart watch to count all calories so my house is very very clean! I use PopSugar…
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  • I lived in Grand Cayman in 2009 when the H1N1 flu hit. As its such a small community all infections and viruses got around very quickly. Thats just what life was like. Tiny island with everyone living with or working with or friends with one another. Everyone very closely interconnected. For example we would regularly get…
  • I've wondered about those products too but havent bought any. Im doing 16:8 fast and Im not hungry until I break my fast. Once I break my fast then actual hunger pangs happen. Before I've done so and when its near the start of my 'eating window' which is after 16 hours of not eating I can get a sense of 'I'd like to eat'…
  • I was about to send a friend request but your profile photo is you in string underwear?
  • Name: Clair Age: 46 Height: 5' 2" Started March 2019 @ 52 kilos 115 pounds Lost 2 kilos Started maintenance August 2019 Aug 2019 AVG. 50.7 kilos Sept 2019 AVG. 49.7 kilos Oct. 2019 AVG. 49.8 kilos Nov. 2019 AVG. 50 kilos Dec. 2019 AVG. 50 kilos
  • Seitan - I'm interested in any ideas in preparing it in meals thanks.
  • I'm 5 2 and currently at 49.9(110 lbs) as of today. Last March I was 53 kilos (116 lbs) . Today bust & hips 90cm (I've breast implants) waist 70cm. My perfect weight is 107 lbs for me that's really light and the lightest I've ever been. I'm happy to hover at my current weight and focus on muscle/tone. I want an athletic…
  • I use 1/4 cup brown rice dry which makes maybe double volume once cooked. I scoop out either a 1/4 cup cooked portion and log that or, if I'm hungrier I scoop out the rest of the cooked rice with my 1/4 cup measure and log that then too. I log the cooked measure personally.
  • I'm 5 2 and at your goal weight.this week I go to maintenance calories which is the calorie level you are aiming for now. I've sent you a friend request so you can see my 1200 calorie diary these past months. Let's be friends.
  • I hear you. Im 5 feet 2. My maintenance calories are 1400 or thereabouts. Exercise is great for me but it means I can eat like a regular normal persons calorie limit when I do so I do. Super easy for me to gain weight as you can see.
  • It's on my mind that maybe I'm not tough enough for online dating. On reflection I've been too trusting/naive/vain? I've met two. One:So sure he was who he was claiming to be and that we were starting a relationship. Two: Believed he was sincere.Maybe he was sincere but in truth we don't suit and in fact I told him. So…
  • I make a mix of milky porridge and museli. 1/4 cup oats with 1/2 cup light soy milk heated until cooked. Pour into 1/4 cup Muesli. I add fresh fruit to this or frozen fruit as the porridge is cooking. Sometimes I add a little protein powder. A dash of cinnamon I like also.
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  • I have given up and thought to give up more recently yes. No way though. Last time I quit I ended up with a back that hurt me and a gut belly. Preparing in advance to help yourself make good choices isnt a bad place to start. If you have foods in the house or have a pattern of going to a place that you cant resist certain…
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  • Thank you!
  • If you focus on the nice aspects like how good it is for you, how good you will feel after doing it, the nice people you will see or nice music you will hear. If you have sports clothing you like to wear it helps. It's attitude in part that helps. Many people see sports time as their me time and their release of stress,…
  • 127 gr of the fresh tofu I have is apparently 140 calories and 9 grams of fat. Yet other brands here on the database are 105 calories 6 gr fat, 113 calories 6 grams of fat and another is 119 calories. I dont understand how my product is 140 calories with way more fat. Its just the regular firm fresh tofu with the nigari,…
  • Avocado doesn't fill me for the calorie punch it gives. Feta typically has pretty high calorie..not as high as melting cheeses but still. So yes it could be really high in calories depending on how much you used. Healthy yes but also calories and fat are high with these items.
  • I just wanted to say thanks. It's so great that you and others are here so well informed and willing to share your knowledge. I'm learning a lot from you and the others. Thanks.
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