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  • Silly question-what's your weather been like the past few days? I've found that weather can affect the scale when it's hotter than normal or there's a lot of humidity. I get puffy/fingers swell up etc.
  • I've been married for 17 years. I wore a size 4 wedding dress and then at my highest weight in our marriage I was wearing size 16 pants. My husband never said a word. I had to come to the point where it was a problem for ME, and if he'd said anything it would have really put a strain on our relationship. I've since lost…
  • For me personally feeling 'hungry' is completely disconnected from my calorie intake. Instead it's tied to habits/boredom/time of day/time of month and where I am in my hormonal cycle, and then what my macros splits are.
  • Transitioning into maintenance wasn't difficult. Actually maintaining though, now for almost 7 years, has been challenging, more-so the further into it I go. I've made it much longer than most people get, but when I think of how many years ahead of me I still have, it's overwhelming and frankly I don't know if I'll be able…
  • If you're following MFPs method then it will give you a macros split that you can follow, including a target for carbs. If you're doing a low carb specific plan then you'll want to follow the recommendations that come with the plan, and then manually adjust your macros split in the settings area.
  • I don't drink black coffee and I don't really eat carbs anymore so no water veggies here, I'll just go sit in the corner quietly with my 120lb self :p
  • A carb is a carb is a carb :) They all pretty much all ends up going through the same process in your body.
  • I'm now very low carb/almost zero carb, and by having strict parameters with what I can eat, it's taken away the need to track anything, anymore. I'm now maintaining a very lean body-weight without counting/tracking/measuring at all. I came into this year around 10lbs over the top end of my maintenance range and I just…
  • I'm over 7 years into this process now and maintenance continues to be very challenging for me, more-so the further into it I get. Like you I got so freakin' tired of the tracking, the hunger from having to stop eating because I was out of calories etc. And then this year I started transitioning into perimenopause, and…
  • A bit ot, but thanks for the info! Since switching to a mostly carnivore style way of eating I want to get blood work more frequently than my doctor's annual panel, with some specific ones that wouldn't normally be included for a regular check-up (like the A1C, LDL-P test etc). I've been looking at some online options, but…
  • Like pp said, when I started cutting down on carbs the significant bloat I carried around in my stomach disappeared. I was still eating around 100g net carbs a day at that point, so not even very low carb/keto. There's also lower carb fruit options so you can fit in fruit pretty easily on a lower carb woe.
  • Oh my, that was a painful read :| I thought the article the OP posted was pretty solid, but after reading that book blurb, ugh. Seriously, drinking OJ is going to save me from the 'toxins'?
  • I don't drink soda and reading through this thread I don't see any kind of 'uproar' going on?
  • I get this from my dentist about my coffee drinking, guess it's even more acidic than sodas and such? She told me to swish with a bit of water after each cup so I try and remember to do that on a regular basis.
  • I'm almost zero carb, very lean body-weight, no health issues, no sleep apnea etc, and I wake up once during the night to use the bathroom, usually right around 3am. Same as when I ate a carb heavy diet-once a night like clockwork, lol :)
  • When I first started transitioning to a lower carb woe my appetite decreased significantly and I had to be intentional about eating more snacks, in order to get in enough calories. However, this was temporary, (less than a month if I'm remembering correctly), before my appetite started adjusting up again. From what I've…
  • MFP does not offer a net carb option. You can either just manually subtract your fiber intake from your carbs, or use a different tracking site/app. Both Carb Manager and cronometer offer net carb tracking options.
  • This will be my last response to this thread, but to reiterate-I'm already many years into maintenance. I maintained for YEARS doing to whole 'eat what you like in moderation' thing, along with counting and tracking calories and weighing out my food. And it worked-until it didn't anymore. More and more I struggled with the…
  • Thanks for this, I think you're exactly right :) At this time in my life I'm finding that I just can't moderate, because I'm so burned out right now. So for me it's easier to just practice abstaining because I need to take a step back and do a mental reset (to rest and regroup).
  • I've been on and off of MFP for a long time now and it doesn't seem to matter if people are following 'balanced' diets or 'fad' diets, most people fail at long term weight management, period. There's been threads where people have chimed in with how many times they've regained the weight they lost, or 'fallen off the…
  • This would be my suggestion as well-start adding higher fat foods, which are more calorie dense. Things like nuts, seeds, full fat dairy (Greek yogurt for snacks, saute your veggies in butter etc), use avocado and olive oils for dressings etc. eta: OP I don't know if you're a coffee or tea drinker but that's also an…
  • At this point I don't have any interest in veering off of my current woe. I'm in such a good place right now that I just don't feel like making any changes. I may adjust things down the road but right now I'm good :)
  • I posted in another thread that of all the things I miss the most from my dietary changes, it's white rice that I miss the most. Plain with a bit if salt or soy sauce.
  • There is not an option here. Carb Manager and Cronometer are tracking sites/apps that do have a net carbs option though. Otherwise you can just minus your fiber from your carb intake to get your net carbs.
  • GBOMBs is actually a thing made up by Dr. Joel Furhman, a vegan doctor. They are the 'healthiest, anti-cancer foods' according to his books/program. Its been around for a few years now. Similar but slightly different than Dr. Greger's Daily Dozen, which is another 'super foods' list put together by a vegan doctor.…
  • No history of EDs, though the longer I continued on with the 'eat everything in moderation but weigh everything out, track and count everything' process, the more I felt like I was heading down that road. Here's something I posted in a thread in the maintenance section a few days ago-the thread was titled Do you accept…
  • I felt similarly to you, back when I was still fresh off of my weight loss phase. Now over 7 years into this process though, I see things differently based on my experiences in maintenance. I now understand why most people fail at weight loss adherence and almost ended up in that place myself, before I decided to go down a…
  • Good piece. One of the reasons I've transitioned to a carnivore way if eating is because it is so much harder to overeat meat. By removing the delicious, easy to overeat carbs it has simplified my maintenance plan and for the first time in years I'm not struggling. Eating meat and fats like butter/ghee are boring. It's not…