How would you feel about your partners weight gain?

My boyfriend has gained a significant amount of weight in the last few months. Not because of any medical issue or anything like that, just generally letting himself go. Living with him I've noticed how good my will power is because hes constanly eating junk food and I don't ever cave in and join him. I like to lead a healthy lifestyle and can be quite strict with what I eat. I go to the gym most days. He makes fun of how strict I am and will try to buy me junk food to tempt me. I haven't brought up his weight gain because I don't wanna hurt his feelings but at the same time i'm annoyed at how little he cares about himself? What if the tables were turned would he be bothered if i start piling on weight? I don't know. Somtimes I'd make comments like 'you're getting take away again? Thats so bad for you" ect but he just laughs it off and says its delicious.

How would you feel if your partner started putting on weight? Would you care? Would you say it to them? If yes then how would you approach it?


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    Hmmm. I suppose one aspect could be what are you looking for in a partner? I am much, MUCH older than you, but single. I have been working hard on weight loss and fitness, for health reasons. IF I were to look for a partner, I would want someone who also had moderate health and fitness goals, because at my age, I would want both of us to stick around and be vibrant for as long as possible. I wouldn't expect a perfect physical specimen, because neither am I, and don't care if they carry some extra weight. My concern is daily movement and taking care of oneself through healthy lifestyle.

    SO, what is important to you? Is it appearance only, or sharing an interest in a healthy lifestyle? Common interests are important in a relationship, and for you, that might include sharing your daily living and health journey with a partner. Only you can answer that question.

    I think this is so true. Start with figuring out what you want/need. Let him know about those wants/needs. If you both want the relationship to work, you may both need to compromise a bit. Maybe limiting the take away to a specific number per week, or relaxing on how strict you are about your own food choices a few days a week.

    It’s ultimately up to you how you choose to handle the situation. But, I would make sure you are clear about what it is that’s bothering you, if you decide to start a conversation with him.