Do I have to eat healthy all the time to lose weight?



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    No, you only need to have a calorie deficit as others have pointed out. You could eat KFC or chocolate only in your diet as long as you ate within your calorie deficit and you would lose.

    But of course you want your body to be working great in 10, 20, 40 years from now and the adult part of your life to extend as long as possible before you become frail and elderly. The better the choices you make the more likely you will have less problems down the line. Everyone's body fails eventually but you can be your best healthiest you if you make good food choices and do some exercise.

    I find the macro and nutrition graphs really helpful when filling out my diary and reviewing my day. There is room for improvement like my calcium intake and it has helped me get my sugars down to the right level. I wish it was even more extensive actually because I find it interesting.
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    Technically you are all correct - you lose weight by having a calorific deficit. But to encourage people to continue eating unhealthily is denying the obvious health benefits from eating more of a healthy diet. The benefits for your heart, liver, blood pressure, diabetese etc, etc. from cutting out less healthy food are there for all to see. It's somewhat dangerous to encourage someone to eat what they want as long as its in the right amount. That's like saying if I ate nothing but cheese burgers for a year i'd be ok as long as I was lighter. Probably have serious heart disease, good chance of a stroke or liver failure as well, but what the hey, I've lost some weight.

    We aren't technically correct. We are literally correct. You can lose weight eating any food you want. "Losing weight" and "optimal health" are different goals, although they often go hand in hand.

    Nobody encouraged anybody to eat an unhealthy diet. Just confirmed that you can lose weight eating any food. We're all adults here, I'm not going to assume that because OP wants to eat a treat every day that means they don't understand the difference between "lose weight" and "be healthy".

    I'll add that if you are an obese person eating nothing but cheeseburgers, and you eat less cheeseburgers to lose weight until you are at a healthy weight, but still eat nothing but cheeseburgers, you will still be healthier than you were. Not as healthy as you could be, but still an improvement. And some people have to get to that point before taking the next step to change their diet.

    Obviously, OP is already aware of the correlation between diet and health since they are concerned that eating a treat every day might be a problem. Is there some reason you assume OP wants to eat an entirely unhealthy diet?

    I don't assume OP wants to eat an unhealthy diet. If you all read it properly, it wasn't referring to OP at all, but to a lot of peoples advice about "eating what you want, as long as you are in a calorie deficit". I would even suggest that eating a healthy diet and being slightly overweight has better health benefits than eating crap and being underweight. I was only pointing out that it's dangerous to suggest to someone to literally eat what they want to lose weight. If you read the initial replies they all suggest this. Apologies for sounding blunt or pedantic.