will i see results if i eat a keto type diet but with one fruit a day

im looking to lose about 10lbs most of it is located in my belly.

could i eat a keto type diet but while having one fruit a day and see results?

(i know keto is low carbs but i was just wondering if the results would show if i ate mainly keto w one fruit a day


  • Cahgetsfit
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    hm, if your fruit is less than 20 g carbs I suppose so?

    Why keto anyway? Because it's magical?

  • WinoGelato
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    To lose weight you need a calorie deficit. You can achieve that with keto or keto plus one fruit, or no specific named diet.

    With 10 lbs to lose you Should be aiming for about 0.5 lb/week and you can’t spot reduce targeting your belly. The weight will come off where it comes off.
  • MikePTY
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    You lose weight by creating a calorie deficit. Depending on the fruit you ate your diet may not be considered strict keto but there is nothing magical about doing strict keto. Plenty of people modify keto to their own preference and find it still fits their needs. Others eat high carb diets and lose weight too. It's all about the calories.
  • Danp
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    A couple of things to address here.

    Firstly, where you carry your weight is irrelevant. Everyone puts on fat (and takes it off) in different ways and locations all dictated by genetics. So to lose the belly fat you just need to reduce your overall fat on your body and sooner or later it will start to come off there.

    Secondly, fat is lost due to a calorie deficit regardless of the food you're eating. From a weight loss perspective adding a piece of fruit to a keto diet will have the exact same impact on fat loss as adding a piece of fruit to any other way of eating. By this I mean it will add 1 piece of fruit worth of calories.

    Whether or not adding a piece of fruit will impact how fat adapted you are I can't say as I don't follow a keto diet but from a fat/weight loss perspective it's impact is limited to how it effects our calories in/calories out.

  • Keto is no more magical than just reducing overall calories. If it helps you stay the course and keep on track then that’s where you’ll see the benefit. No food is “bad” so don’t be afraid of fruit.

    Don’t be afraid of processed foods either as long as they are in moderation and the majority of your diet is Whole unprocessed foods and water. Remember anything altered is processed so that includes powders/supps/etc.
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    Like pp said, when I started cutting down on carbs the significant bloat I carried around in my stomach disappeared. I was still eating around 100g net carbs a day at that point, so not even very low carb/keto. There's also lower carb fruit options so you can fit in fruit pretty easily on a lower carb woe.