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  • I agree with this. What mileage are you able to push now comfortably? If you don't have much mileage to break then it's not going to matter as much. I added the above suggestion, both creatine (ethyl ester, specifically) and beetroot shots, when I was trying to boost my performance for an ultramarathon. I couldn't break 70…
  • Ive used them for a few years. I have 12" and 9" for different types of exercises. I like them since you can do different types of workouts with resistance. I've always bought two sets at a time in case of tares so you're not without. Each and every use no matter if you just check them you should check them again. Nothing…
  • That mindset about how you speak of yourself needs to go. Show yourself some compassion! The hoilday gain is nothing to beat yourself up over Sodium and sugar intake matters. Make sure you keep both of those low. Keep in mind this is a marathon not a sprint and non scale victories should be celebrated!
  • Not in a plateau. Believe it or not what you eat matters. A bunch of vegetables vs a bunch of cake cookies and fruit will not shed fat or lbs
  • I have no complaints. The biggest reason why I wanted this tracker was to track my sleeping habits. At the time I was working overnight shifts and I wanted to make sure I was getting adequate sleep when I could. Now that I'm back to a regular morning to afternoo schedule it's nice to know the quality of sleep I'm receiving…
  • Are you talking about fibrous fat when you say firm fat? Firm fat, or visceral fat, is below your muscles and surrounds your organs. You definitely don't want to get rid of your firm fat but to get rid of the other fat types usually a combination of lifting, cardio and reduce sugar intake does the trick
  • I understand. You have no discipline. That takes practice. You need to practice say no instead of just doing. It gets easier over time but it's tough as nails when you first start. Portion control is everything. There is something that was created by Autumn Calabrese using portion control and I would highly recommend that…
  • ^THIS^ I personally recommend getting a scale and weighing every little morsel that passes your lips. And if you really want to drop weight, keep your sugar intake at 25 grams or less. Doing these things have helped me over every plateau I faced.
  • OP, I read what you said then read the comments because I didn't understand it fully and I'm lost. If I'm understanding at the way that I think it was meant to be understood , I never found increasing or decreasing calories on the same equivalency as reducing or increasing medications so I say just jump to where you need…
  • I step on the scale most mornings to see where I'm at. It's not for discouragement If I gain weight or encouragement if I lose weight just making note of the scale change. I prefer non-scale victories over scale victories so having a set weight to lose in my mind is discouraging especially when you don't always Trend…
  • I guess I'll go first. I have mine set to share with friends. I also prefer to have friends who have it set to share. I do this because I want to inspire people by what I eat and the activities that I do. I also like to see them so I'm inspired to eat certain things or try new activities. I don't understand the point of a…
  • The idea is ridiculous. A diet is just what you eat. People eat like s*** and then want to change their diet to some sort of new diet plan in order to achieve something, etc etc. At the end of the day the diet is just what you consume
  • I hate the gym environment. I have a book at home that lists out the human anatomy and all of the muscle groups in the body, then gives hundreds of workouts you can do and what muscles it targets. I usually use the gym when I don't have heavy enough weights at home. I'll take somewhere between 6 to 9 exercises with me and…
  • My doctor joked with me about being obese once. Im 5'8" and, at the time, I was 195lb with 12% body fat. I ran marathons and weight trained. Now I'm 190 lb with 27% body fat and I'm getting back into weight training, no running. My doctor is working closely with me on that and has only talk to me about it because I asked…
  • Thank you everyone
  • I honestly cannot stand how MyFitnessPal sets their calorie goals. According to the calculator I listed above my maintenance calories would be 2350 something and lose a pound a week would be 500 calories less but when I put it in my fitness pal it was calculated my…
  • I prefer a higher fat intake. I do endurance training regularly and found that having a higher fat intake was better for my energy levels then for me to have higher macros in other areas. There was a time in my life where I was lifting heavy regularly and needed higher carb and protein intakes to feel better. It's really…
  • I buy books from professionals and consult coaches regularly.
  • With strict dieting ( veggies, 25g max daily sugar intake, protein - weigh your food is a must! No processed garbage) you might be able to achieve that. Exercise is maybe 20% of weight reduction so doing two workouts the day isn't going to replace what you do in the kitchen. I would not recommend to exercise twice a day…
  • I like my vivoactive 3. My cousin has the vivoactive 4 and loves it. Fitbit never worked for me and I end up returning it after trying it twice. The second time I tried it was with a different version years later and I still experience the same issues
  • I would highly recommend adding people from the food and nutrition category of this app and making your diary viewable for people to commentate on. Take constructive criticism and feedback about what you're putting into your body so you know what mistakes you're making or what you're doing correctly. You also need to start…
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  • It depends on your goal and your weight. .3-.7 grams per pound, higher if youre weight training, lower if youre not. It is simplier then whatever calculus formula the dude above me is giving people
  • I do eat after every workout at least something protein. That could be a shake or some eggs. Usually I keep it light
  • My kids were picky eaters and I used to blend up the good stuff they wouldn't eat and blended into what they would eat. If you talk about yourself, tough love but get over that crap. Google high iron foods and incorporate them into your diet
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  • I dont drink, smoke or take supplements. Liver disease runs through my family and I stopped smoking for my own sake. Congrats on your sobriety!!!
  • Actually, I'm beginning the transition myself. I'm going to force my family on it since I cook all the meals. Still I'd love to follow this as I need help with the transition. @janejellyroll thank you for the website recommendation!!! I'm going to check it out.
  • You're giving up because your goal is only on the scale. When you change your lifestyle the weight will follow but you need to thoroughly enjoy what you're doing. My goals for example is to be stronger. I want to be able to do 20 pull-ups without assistance. I'm not there yet so I created smaller goals in how many sit-ups…
  • My mind went to second hand lion for a second there. I prefer fresh vegetables that are either steamed or cooked in a stir fry like way. Not sure why but I've been in a kick where I will cook fresh spinach with garlic salt and then make eggs over medium ... so freaking good
  • Weigh your food and measure yourself instead if relying solely on the scale. You could simply be building muscle which weighs more than fat.
  • Look at you! Giiirl, you are HAWT! Congrats on the progress! The last 15lb might be tough but i believe in you