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    I like most vegetables...actually, not sure there's one I don't like. We tend to eat a lot of broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower as they are pretty hardy and keep for a bit in the fridge. I like asparagus as well, but that's more of a buy it and eat it within a day or two kind of thing. Also, spring mix greens and spinach...but again, gotta eat them quick before they go bad.
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    "Is corn even a vegetable?" was about to take me into a deep rabbit hole so to quickly answer your question, I'm a fan of garlic and greens.

    Also, mushrooms but that's just as confusing as corn so... 🤷🏿‍♀️

    It's a delicious whole grain...but I also consider grains to be vegetables...
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    My mind went to second hand lion for a second there.
    I prefer fresh vegetables that are either steamed or cooked in a stir fry like way. Not sure why but I've been in a kick where I will cook fresh spinach with garlic salt and then make eggs over medium ... so freaking good
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    Cambodian beef lok lak is a great way to eat lots of salad ingredients.

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    Are you trying to eat more veggies or eat more vegetables as side dishes?

    The cheese soup mentioned above is a great way to eat more veggies. Or add shredded veggies like carrots or zucchini, to spaghetti sauces or chili.

    You were given some great suggestions for how to prepare cooked veggies. My favorites are roasted, stir fried or steamed. But if you aren’t a fan, try eating them raw. I love snacking on colored peppers, carrots, cucumbers, sugar snap peas.

    Giant salads with everything cut small blends the flavors and textures. Same with stir frys.

    Good luck! I did not care for cooked veggies until I got older. My mom just cooked them one way and they were bland mush. If you are open to exploring new ways to prepare them, I’m sure you’ll find some you enjoy.
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    zucchini/broccoli with Coconut Aminos drizzled on top. so good.
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    I'm on a bok choy and mushroom kick at the moment, but tomatoes and spinach are long-time faves.

    And for the record, corn is technically a grain and has the starchy carbs worthy of it's rice and wheat cousins :-)

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    Vegetable curry is a good way to get a bowl of mixed veg with a predictable taste.
    Diced pumpkin on its own makes a very nice yellow/Japanese style curry (I fry onion with the curry paste/spices to start, then add stock and pumpkin)
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    @DancingMoosie that looks amazing! What all have we got going on in here? I see cabbage, carrot, zucchini, broccoli, onion, garlic, mushroom and possibly bell pepper? And possibly some bean sprouts but that might just be more cabbage. What kind of sauce/seasoning do you put on your stir fry?

    Yes, you got most of it right! No bean sprouts and the peppers are Poblano. I also use coconut oil, ginger, a little sriracha, Bragg's, and panda express stir fry sauce.
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    No faves, eat all veggies but prefer those that are cheaper & easier 2 prepare.
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    I love basically all veggies. They add so much color and flavor to everything.
    I eat various leafy salads and chopped salads.
    I add them to basically every meal. I eat round cucumbers for easy snacks. I love cucumbers and ranch. Veggie, meat and cheese omelets, veggie pizza, zucchini in my lasagna, chopped vegetables in spaghetti sauce.
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    Vegetable pie.78uek4csxeqd.jpg
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    or Pasta and broccoletti.a0bwbl2cs96m.jpg
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    Stuffed zucchini is always good.yri43j3bosdb.jpg
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    On the burnt vegetables theme, the oven is not the only way to do it. This is one of my favourite things to do with cabbage.

    and salad (you can use a cast iron griddle pan indoors as well as the BBQ specified here)
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    acpgee wrote: »

    @acpgee I own a wok that I purchased when I worked for Cost Plus Imports 40 years ago and it is well seasoned. Thanks for the inspiration. I will be working on my charring skills starting tonight. <3
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    When my son was going through a picky eating phase, I used to make "cheese soup". I cooked a bag of frozen mixed vegetables (I used the broccoli/cauliflower/carrot blend, but any mixture would work) in a box of broth. I seasoned with salt and pepper. When the vegetables were cooked, I added a bag of shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Then I blended it with my immersion blender. He still raves about my cheese soup to this day (he now knows the ingredients, and thanks to much hard work and patience, is no longer a picky eater).

    My mom makes this same soup but with fresh steamed broccoli and zucchini! Soo good. She makes it with vegan cheddar to make it dairy free.