Sober friends?

Hi! I was just curious if there are many other sober people on here. January 21 was my 3 year sober birthday 🥳 I’m always happy to help & be an ear for anyone struggling. Feel free to add me!


  • Sinisterbarbie1
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    Hi! I have been participating in a thread started by a group a while back here
    Folks are nice there and share both successes and struggles and inspiring things they come across. I am a newbie to the conversation but I check in daily and find it really enjoyable to participate in.
  • michellelawson00
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    Hi! I'm so glad I found your post. Just celebrated two years sober in January. I'd love to stay connected. I am having trouble figuring out how to friend people so if you'd like to friend me, that would be awesome.
  • katherito
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    Hey guys! I'm a newbie at the sober thing, but in it for the long haul. Would love to connect with you all. Ooh, noticed that SinisterBarbie1 (lol! great name!) shared a link to a group. Checking that out now!
  • RockingWithLJ
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    I dont drink, smoke or take supplements. Liver disease runs through my family and I stopped smoking for my own sake. Congrats on your sobriety!!!
  • emk914
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    Yay! So glad I found this post! I celebrated 4 years sober on Feb 8th!!! I love connecting with other sober people! Congrats on the 3 years!
  • DiscoveringLisa
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    10 months for me, feel free to add me ☺️
  • Sinisterbarbie1
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    Connecting back up to say that it may be worth it to establish a group here if you are looking for something different than what I linked to. The group I linked to above at the moment are more focused on establishing sobriety than already solidly or long term there. I’d enjoy connecting with you all here either in that forum or some other way. I don’t know how the “group” thing works but if you have a private group going please let me know how to join it. The other forum is just a running open conversation anyone can drop in and out of as they wish.