Not losing weight at 1,000 calories a day

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I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have been eating on average 1,000 a day for the last two weeks and I have not lost a single pound.
That's just my food intake. I'm not counting that I take a 30 to 40 minute walk almost every day.
I am 5'6" and 270 pounds.
I have been tracking my calories religiously every day. I drink lots of water. I am not cheating.
Here are my calories for the last 14 days:
- - -
14393 total for 14 days


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    are you measuring/weighing your food?
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    NJCJF wrote: »
    are you measuring/weighing your food?

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    eat more and be consistent

    The fluctuations and lack of sufficient food is causkng your body to store.
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    Hey if ur exercising as well ur body will be storing fat, u need to be eating more calories
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    I'm having the same issue, Measure your waist..Thats what worked for me, the scale does not move for me either, I have to be eating only, a rice cake per day and also running 4miles, before the scale will make moves for me Lol, just kidding (but not) However the Measuring tape shows my waist reduced consistently, the results I expect from the scale IT'S GIVING ME!!

    *Ps.. Just measure one body part(that you really want smaller) idk, why but it's better to see the steady decrease of one number instead of tracking multiple, for me it's more..satisfying. I just need to know my efforts are working.
    Trust me,I know your pain, once you know your efforts actually do pay off, you will see that it's not entirely necessary to reduce calories so low.
    ALSO good tracking, keep at it, don't give up👍

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    If you do not open your diary, we can not help you. More than likely, you are logging incorrectly and eating more than you think you are.

    The amount of people who would gain weight at 1000 calories a day is so statistically small, its almost never seen. Especially with your current stats.

    Disagree I know exactly what they're going through I've been around their size in LBs ate 1200 calories and worked out everyday..after two weeks I had gained weight, believe it or not and continued to hover around the same weight..We shouldn't dismiss the fact they say they accurately tracked they listed their daily calories; To insinuate that they're eating at maintenance likely 2000+ calories (know from experience) is kinda rude (to say the least) and don't blame them, if they disregard these type of responses. Its very frustrating to eat such low calories and still not lose weight, its draining mentally and physically, and it sucks for people that experience this.
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    Weigh your food and measure yourself instead if relying solely on the scale. You could simply be building muscle which weighs more than fat.
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    I find the more I eat throughout the day.. the easier I lose... maybe you're shocking your body with extreme dieting and exercise all of a sudden.
    Set your calories to what MFP recommends.. weigh and measure... moderate exercise..and give it time.
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    Get a food scale, weigh everything, and log it all religiously. No skipping, cheating, or forgetting. Then report back, @CeeGu, and tell us how many calories you have per day.