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You don't use a food scale?

quiksylver296quiksylver296 Posts: 25,461Member Member Posts: 25,461Member Member
We have many new members who have been around for about three weeks now. And there are lots of posts saying "I've been doing this for three weeks and haven't lost any weight!" Many responses to those threads tell the member to use a food scale. This video illustrates why a food scale is such a powerful tool for most people's weight loss. (Although I wish it used peanut butter instead of oatmeal. ;) )

If anyone has any other infographics or videos that are pro-food scale, add 'em!


  • tcunbelievertcunbeliever Posts: 7,055Member Member Posts: 7,055Member Member
    1 T = 0.5 oz

    assuming you have a scale with at least one decimal for ounces, you should be able to weigh that

    If not, you would need to weigh a full ounce and then only use half, maybe?
  • davepollackdavepollack Posts: 15Member Member Posts: 15Member Member
    Thank you all again for the info. Never thought about weighing liquids. Will need to start doing that.
  • MomeproMomepro Posts: 1,498Member Member Posts: 1,498Member Member
    We're trying to weigh more of our stuff, our dinner gets weighed as best we can and usually I have leftovers for lunch so that gets weighed too. Prepacked stuff I don't weigh, but I've started weighing snacks I bring to work like crackers and such and I've definitely been estimating 10-20% low

    You might want to be aware that many pre-packaged foods don't weigh the same as their serving size suggests. For example, I bought some flour tortillas once that had a weight in grams for a single tortilla, but when I weighed the tortilla it weighed a full 30% more than the package claimed.

    On those, I generally figure if I eat them often enough it will probably average out, but if I don't, best to weigh.

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