Twice a day workout

Is it beneficial? I am trying to drop 20 pounds in 1 month. I started 2 a day workout.


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    Sorry, I was meant to say 'run a half marathon each day' without eating any food. Ugh.
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    With strict dieting ( veggies, 25g max daily sugar intake, protein - weigh your food is a must! No processed garbage) you might be able to achieve that. Exercise is maybe 20% of weight reduction so doing two workouts the day isn't going to replace what you do in the kitchen. I would not recommend to exercise twice a day unless you have been exercising for months and want to up your game in that area or if it's something easy going like walking twice a day.
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    FWIW, as a point of information: Our OP posted this same question, phrased a little differently, in two different sections of the Community.

    On the other thread, there seem to be hope, from her replies, that she's understanding why trying to lose 20 pounds in a month is not an excellent plan.

    Other thread is here:
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    Is it beneficial? I am trying to drop 20 pounds in 1 month. I started 2 a day workout.

    This would depend largely on what these "workouts" consist strenuous they are, etc...also your current fitness level. As you had to ask the question, I'm going to say no. The need to ask the question suggests that you don't really know how to train in that capacity, nor how to properly fuel that training or anything about proper load management. In other words, people who train like this tend to be really knowledgeable about how to properly train, manage their training load for proper recovery, and how to fuel that training appropriately.

    In many cases, heavy training loads can actually be counterproductive to weight loss as they are a major stress on the body and dieting on top of that is more added stress...not to mention, dieting with a heavy training load can be difficult because your body is going to want fuel and you will be hungry most of the time.

    20 Lbs in a month is also not a very realistic or healthy goal outside of perhaps being morbidly obese. It would require a massive calorie that end, your body would probably shut you down anyway in that you wouldn't have enough fuel on board for proper recovery, nor proper rest likely resulting in injury, fatigue, and the slowing of "non-essential" functions like growing hair, menstrual cycle, nails and hair becoming brittle, etc. Your body will go into revolt.
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    lol springlering62 :D #truth!
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    It's a huge amount of weight to try and lose in a month and will be a struggle to maintain it. I have found that I am more likely to keep the weight off in the long term if I aim for about half a kilo a week (one pound per week). Also I love exercising so really it depends on how you feel about it. Is it something that will bring you joy or is it something you hate?
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    I agree with Anne’s first response.