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Having a very hard time trying to stop over eating I know what to do but can't stop


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    Can you pre-plan and only have these things in the house? Think of it as budgeting money without a creditcard: when the money is gone it's gone. Oh, and certainly also plan for some things you really love! I always leave about 150-250 calories for a dessert because evenings after dinner are the times I'm most likely to be bored and eat for the sake of snacking.
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    Yeah that’s hard. Here’s what works for me. I plan out all my meals for the day. Everything is set and I can just grab and go. And once it’s gone it’s gone. But if I’m feeling like I just want to eat something without over doing, I have low calorie snacks in the house like popcorn, ice popsicles, fruit, and etc. But then I also plan my snacks in advance because I know how I am.
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    Actual meals work better for me than snacking. I always have this nutty idea that just a couple crackers and a string cheese will do the trick, low calorie, voila. Not so fast. I am hungry again much sooner than if I ate 1.5 cups homemade vegetable chili with 2 T. cheddar, 1 T. sour cream and some sliced green onions sprinkled on top. THAT is filling and comes in under 500 calories. Snacking, for me, is a beast, and does not work to replace a solid meal.

    I agree wholeheartedly with keeping ice cream out of the house. I get a little nervous if there are NO sweets around, so I keep Twizzlers (120 calories for 3...I always have 6) and other fairly low cal dark chocolate in the house.
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    I understand. You have no discipline. That takes practice. You need to practice say no instead of just doing. It gets easier over time but it's tough as nails when you first start. Portion control is everything. There is something that was created by Autumn Calabrese using portion control and I would highly recommend that you do that or something similar to get you started
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    Are you overeating out of habit, boredom or because you feel you haven't eaten enough?

    If it's habit or boredom, find something else to do that distracts you. If you just feel that you need more food, satiety is something that differs from person to person - some will feel fuller if they have more protein whereas for others it's fat. I can only suggest that you try different things. I very rarely cook potatoes, pasta or rice now, because I bulk out my plate with veg. Sauteing 200g of finely sliced white cabbage and using that as a base with curries, stir fries, meat & other veg, fish, chilli, whatever means that I have a huge plateful of food. Same calories as when I had a small quantity of pasta or a couple of baby potatoes, but I feel so much fuller.
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    Having a very hard time trying to stop over eating I know what to do but can't stop

    Wipe that poisonous word "can't" right out of your vocabulary. :) You CAN and you WILL stop, once you've found the right plan for you. Once you make that commitment in your mind that you're going to change your habits and patterns, create new ones that will keep you just as happy and fulfilled, staying within your calorie allotment.

    Please don't post once and then leave. There is a whole bunch of wisdom and great experiences to learn from through out the forums, people who've been there and done that and can help you learn how. Yes, it's hard to make a change from old habits but once you accomplish it and a little bit at a time is fine, it does get easier. You'll still have those 'omg I ate too much' days but get through them and then get on with it.

    Good luck and stick around!
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    Acceptance of your compulsive eating may be of some help. Someone said: "I can't fix my brain with my brain." I think that makes some sense.

    Try going with the compulsion. Get some stuff you really don't like all that much that is very low in calories and choose that for your compulsive overeating. After all, you didn't say, nor would I expect that you can't keep yourself from eating Food A but can keep from eating Food B.

    Every time your hand goes to your mouth if it has a sugar snap pea or a piece of baby spinach in it, you won't be getting very many calories but can fulfill your compulsion.
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    The only way I can do it is by tracking it BEFORE I eat it. So I use my phone and this app and if I want to eat it I have to track it first.
    I'm not saying I always win and have recently been terrible (I deliberately stopped tracking so I could eat what I liked and have ballooned in weight).
    This week I will be better and the first place for me to go to achieve "better" is to the tracking. Seeing 450kcal written down for the small chocolate pudding in front of me tends to put me off.