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  • Ok folks here’s my check in and the jump rope challenge status. First, jumping: it’s possible I missed some posts, or I see other people saying they had trouble with posts not working, but for the week of June 4th to June 10th I have this leaderboard: @888Angie888 2 minutes @metonymicalinsanity @mari_moulin @19shmoo69…
  • Saturday weigh in: 304.4 lbs. oof. Will check in with more details later.
  • Omg I forgot to tell you guys. I hit 299.6 yesterday! Still under 300 today. After today’s dinner though I might jump up a little tomorrow morning. Will have to hit the streets for walk/jogging over the next couple of days.
  • Way to go everyone! Jumping junipers! Here’s the final leaderboard for week 1. Rest those calves and get back out there today for a brand new week! Honorable mention for @888Angie888 scoring the longest single jumping session at 60 seconds! @19shmoo69 20 minutes (!!) @888Angie888 15 minutes (longest: 60 seconds)…
  • Way to go! That puts you well into the lead with 18 minutes. Will anyone catch you??? I’ll probably have to try again next week. It’s so hard!
  • Had to share: I made it to the 200s! 299.6 this morning and not going back! 🥵
  • Jump rope challenge leaderboard: @888Angie888 13 minutes (longest: 60 seconds) @19shmoo69 10 minutes @metonymicalinsanity 9.5 minutes @mari_moulin 3.5 minutes @Piqueaboo Remember this challenge is a Thursday to Wednesday challenge so get your jumps in today! I’m really trying to hit a minute straight but it’s so hard!!
  • May 5: 312 May 12: 310.4 May 19: 306 May 26: 306 June 2: 301.2 Alright back on track! Can’t wait to hit the 200s. Is tomorrow the day? 🧐 I did see a 4 mile walk today. Hamstring was tight again. Could be dehydration I just realized. Next walk I’m going to make sure to drink up before and during. When I got back I also did…
  • Goal: 70 minutes June 1: 3 minutes mixed Total: 3 minutes Back to the grind!
  • Oof. Did a 4 mile walk followed by 3 minutes of jump rope and 3 minutes of planks. 🥵😴
  • Ok I’m in again. Last month I wimped our after 61 minutes with 3 or 4 days left in the month. So this month my goal is 70 minutes and I want to hit 90 seconds in a row by the end of the month, so I’ll be building up to that. Haven’t started yet but I will this evening!
  • and just like that you’re in the lead! Count your total time however is easiest for you. I have my phone nearby and use the timer on it to keep track. I haven’t done my jumps yet for today but I’m going to do them shortly, I promise! Here’s the leaderboard: @19shmoo69 10 minutes @888Angie888 8 minutes (longest: 60 seconds)…
  • Ok there’s a lot going on. Lol. I logged in this morning and saw 40+ notifications in my community feed. I was also feeling a little down so it was nice to see everyone encouraging each other. We’re in this thing together! Anyway my general update for today: I’m sitting at 303.x after being down to 300.2 on Saturday. I’m…
  • Last post for May! Saturday May 30 weigh in May SW: 317 May 9: 311.6 May 16: 304.4 Last week, May 23: 304.6 This week, May 30: 300.2 So close! I’ll be into the 200s for next week for sure (right?!). But I’m happy with my progress and happy to be exercising again as well. I did 7 walk/jogs of 3 miles or more this week. I…
  • Way to go! I’ll be joining you in “Two-terville” as they call it, soon enough! I’m sitting at 301.6 this morning. I’ve also had the same attitude about not thinking I’m thaaaat unhealthy but every so often I would struggle to do something totally normal and simple and it hit home. Like walking up the stairs. Or standing up…
  • Yeah I believe it. 10 minutes straight!?! I can squeeze in maybe 30 seconds at a time. Ouch. Well so far @888Angie888 is leading 6 minutes to my 4.5 minutes (I did 3.5 ugly minutes of jumping today). I’ll tally everyone up on Thursday of next week so let me know your totals (and longest single uninterrupted session) by…
  • Happy Friday. But you’re killing me with these jump ropes! I struggled through 2.5 minutes this morning and then logged in here and saw yours 🥴 well done. I may have to settle for a personal best this week 🤥 By the way, more general update: I was down to 302.2 lbs this morning, but then we decided to have Taco Bell for…
  • Way to go! I was imagining catching up with you this evening, but I’m still doing my 3 mile walk/jogs so there’s no way! But I promise I will overtake you tomorrow! Here’s the jump rope leaderboard after a day: @metonymicalinsanity 1 minute @888Angie888 6 minutes (longest: 60 seconds) @mari_moulin
  • I have 1 minute of jump roping (rope jumping? sp?) completed so far. Does that put me in the lead?
  • Maybe special recognition for the person who does the single longest nonstop jump rope session each week
  • Accumulated. That way lazy people like me can still partake 😁
  • Thanks for the good advice. @VeggieMeg71 I don’t have a scale so I’m mostly eyeballing portions. Probably would be worth investing in a cheap kitchen scale eh? But yes I could certainly do something between 1 or 1/2 portion like @ladycopnh1 suggested and then wait and see how I feel. My problem is I get to the end of that…
  • I got mine last week from Amazon. I think it was $14 🤷‍♂️
  • To be clear, the idea of jumping rope sounds terrible. But I’m in it to win it! Sure I’ll take the lead on this challenge. So far we’ve got: Me @888Angie888 @mari_moulin Everyone’s tied with 0 minutes reported. :)
  • Ok ok. Want to make this a group challenge? Here’s what I’m thinking: It’s a pure minutes-jump-roping challenge. So you track your own time and at the end of the week whoever did more minutes wins. Do it Thursday through Wednesday (EST), so we start tomorrow and the following week by Wednesday evening or Thursday morning…
  • Goal: 60 minutes May 26: 4 minutes mixed planks Total: 61 minutes Done! Now it’s on to bonus minutes and I have to decide what my goal will be for June. @dewit thanks for posting your totals! It’s nice to see where you get after a few months of working st it. I’ll be there soon enough! (It is indeed May! Summer is here!)
  • May 5: 312 May 12: 310.4 May 19: 306 May 26: 306 That’s unfortunate. I went down as far as 303.8 this week, but I’m back up a bit. Holiday yesterday plus pizza and tasty curry chicken over the weekend. My big weakness is eating extra when I have a tasty meal in front of me. I can pack on 2+ lbs in a single sitting if I’m…
  • Oof. I just finished a long evening walk (plus jog! I did a couple of segments of jogging in between walking for about 4 miles total). Then I dragged myself off the couch to do my planks. Now I’m ready to collapse for the night! I felt the need to make up for delicious cookout lunch 🤷‍♂️ I suspect the scale tomorrow will…
  • Goal: 60 minutes May 25: 3 minutes mixed planks Total: 57 minutes I missed a day somehow! I’m actually only 1 day away from goal now. I’m gonna see how far over 60 minutes I get and then maybe take 90% of that and add it to my June goal. Anyone else have advice on how to improve the length of time spent in plank position?…
  • Goal: 60 minutes May 23: 3.5 minutes mixed planks Total: 51 minutes Back to the grind. Just 3 more active days to hit my goal. I’m wondering how much to increase my goal for next month. Or if I should try to increase the length of time per plank?