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  • If you think 50 calories a day is nothing then I feel obliged here to inform you, for the past one year I have been eating 1300-1350 calories and my maintenance is 1400-1450 and I have lost 7 lbs in one year which does not seem a lot but for my tiny frame, it made a huge difference. Besides, you said if I walk for one hour…
  • @kimny72 @kizanne2 @AnnPT77 @kshama2001 I somehow managed to do meal prep with 110g protein for 7 days a week on 1500 calories. 152 carb, 110 protein and 50 fat. I made my meals around protein. Its mostly chicken, seafood, eggs, lentil & protein powder. My maintenance is 1450 but since I am working out, I believe I am at…
  • Want to see more of your painting girl. XD
  • Hello ladies, sadly (not sad at all) I am transitioning to 1400 calories. I have joined a gym, Toronto based. And I was suggested to do a body recompositon or a very slow cut. My maintenance calorie is 1340 according to most of the online calculators and 1420 according to MFP. Since I am going to walk 5000 steps, will do…
  • I am not OP, but just wanted to tell you this. Every replies I have seen of yours, I feel like virtually hugging you. You put things into perspective so effortlessly. Thank you for being part of the community. I am learning so much. Not just fitness related, but life lessons yes.
  • I am not sure about runner's high but I have been working out for a few days now and I just want my days to end and the new day to start so that I can work out the next day. Its the strength or being able to do new things that makes me excited. I am a geneticist and have been a curious and an optimistic person since early…
  • How do you guys count seasoning such as spices?
  • Yes. Dwell gym, Toronto. I got one for $330 (Canadian dollar) for six months. The adjustable dumbbells were around $250
  • Thank you @AnnPT77 . Your replies are always so thorough. I am really thankful. Your Sarah Connor aesthetic musing on the other post made me ponder and had me think through my goals in a different perspective.
  • I think I am joining a gym. I actually went today and liked it there. It wasn't that intimidating as I thought. But thank you guys for all your advice. I really appreciate it.
  • Beginner's gain I guess. My push ups increased to 5 from 2 within 2 days. :D
  • Jack fruit seeds are actually very yummy cooked with lentil curry. My Indian room mate used to make them.
  • Knee push ups are not bad. It helps build the pushing strength. Bench press, overhead press or anything pressing up also helps with the pushing strength. And the getting down part gets easier with static exercise like plank hold and the negatives work for stabilizing the core and quad muscle. Following this queue of…
  • Don't beat yourself up. I had 2200 calories yesterday and I felt quite good about it. Will limit the calories to 1200 and use up some of the extra 1000 calories from yesterday by strength training. Have a wonderful day.
  • I know what you mean but I am going to do the reddit recommended routine as the compound full body workout and since I have an aesthetic goal of getting a wider shoulder, prominent deltoid, I am going to focus on the accessory movements in a hypertrophy kind of style.
  • Oh I totally missed your point there. With the gymnastic rings, I kind of want to learn dips, inverted rows, pull ups, l-sit. I am initially going to follow the reddit recommended routine and then Fitness Faq has some good calisthenics routine. @sgt1372 @pondee629 @bdelaney33 @steveko89 @Covidcantstopme @slunburg I am…
  • 1. Chest press 2. Lat pull overs 3. Tricep extensions 4. Upright rows 5. Shoulder presses 6. Bicep curls 7. Side to front lat complex 8. Plank to single arm row I am trying to build my upperbody.
  • I can do two push ups where my quads and chest touch the floor and my elbows do not flare. I started with wall push ups two weeks back.
  • Hi there, hope you all have a wonderful day. Plan for the day is to stick to 1200 calories, walk 5000 steps and do a little bit of resistance training. Taking one day at a time. :)
  • I am just done watching Dark. And this happens. So 13th November 2020 I turned 20 years old and I looked into the mirror and saw this belly staring right back at me. Haha, Anywho, congratulation man. You went from Master Roshi to Gohan in 7 months. Cheers!
  • 1. Egg whites omelette, sauteed tomatoes (in that same oil), coffee with milk 2. One medium sized potatoes cut into wedges and baked, with 100-200 g of frozen veggies sauteed with 100-150 g of boneless, skinless chicken 3. Watermelon with cottage cheese 4. Mangoes with low fat yogurt 5. Coconut water, strawberries,…
  • The sad thing is when you are short and lighter, you burn a lot less calories than average height people. According to my apple watch, I burn 40 calories in 12 minutes of jump rope, so a 30 minutes of jump roping (which is quite tiring) would give me around 100 calories. Bummer for us shorties!
  • Sorry OP to steal your post. I live in a very small apartment and work from home. My TDEE is 1350 (according to online calculator) and 1420 (according to MFP). I don't even walk 2000 steps daily but my activity level is set to sedentary. If I intentionally walk 5000 steps and keep my activity level sedentary, I don't need…
  • I have a question, what is sedentary? Around how many steps I mean?
  • @lacatgirl Good afternoon from where I am. I am on purpose eating 200 calories less today because tomorrow I have a dinner to attend. I also think I have to make a habit of weighing myself daily. Hope you have a productive happy day ahead. All good vibe.
  • Erm I did not say 1200 is my maintenance. I just said I am eating 1200 for two days and am the same height as the person who is 10 lbs lighter than me and has 1200 for maintenance.
  • This makes me concerned. I am 30, same height, 10 lbs heavier than her and trying to lose 16 lbs to be 97 lbs and eating 1200 calories for the last couple of days. If 1200 is maintenance, than dang I am doomed.
  • Want to drop about 20+ lbs. Friends are always welcomed. :)
  • @littlemav20 sent you a friend request there :) @QuirkzforDayz I am trying to follow this three rules, 1. To weigh everything I eat and stick to 1200 2. To take one day at a time and not really feel sad or depressed if I go over 3. To exercise for performance, not for calorie burn. I mean my first target is to walk 5000…
  • You can do this. :) Gaining a pound requires 3500 calories over your maintenance btw.