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  • I tracked and stayed in the range. I did my stretches and mindfulness exercises. And a sugar-free day with nooooo effort. I managed my anxiety with deep breaths and am grateful I could. I'm grateful for this group.
  • Yes!!! And I stretched and calmed my mind for a few minutes!
  • I did 10 mins on the elliptical in addition to stretching and mindfulness. tracked and have stayed in the range. No sugar today. I did try to make something with monkfruit as a substitute and cannot stand it. I'd rather do without!
  • Thank you 💕 I've lost 3lbs, but I can't count that since they're sitting in a pathology lab somewhere, I guess 🤣
  • Starting a few days late here, with amended goals, since I'm still managing pain. For now my exercise is stretching and slow walks. I'm back to tracking calories. And for health reasons, I must cut down sugar. So here we go :) I read all the amazing people who've stayed on track and yay to everyone!
  • I'm not able to log this month but want to make sure I am on track next month. I had a bilateral mastectomy at the beginning of the month. Fortunately, they got everything and I don't need more treatment. It's a little weird that I have to think about a new goal weight to compensate for the weight they've removed 😃. I'm…
  • Thank you 💞 one day at a time.
  • You guys are the best. It's been a tiring week or so, but I have a course of surgery and treatment laid out. Should be by end august. I haven't been logging at all. Just trying to stay calm and positive. I know it will be okay but just get a bit scared now and then. My friends and family have been awesome so I can't ask…
  • Thank you 😊
  • I don't where to post this, but I am looking for good energy. Got a mammogram and biopsy and now have to do another after an MRI. I'll have to have surgery and possibly radiation. While it sounds scary, I have to remember that they say it's in the early stages. So I haven't been doing very well on tracking or counting…
  • @KCJen I'm also relatively new and finding my way. I wish mfp would show when we like a post or give a hug. I forget who says what and can't tag everyone. But all the positive posts are really inspirational so I hope you find that too.
  • I'm pleased that I've posted because that means I'm still here 😃👍 we can do it!!
  • No winners circle for me!! I stopped counting pass days 😆
  • This is a great group of people. They inspire me with their daily achievements, and their will to keep going! I feel like part of a team here.
  • Amazing job!!
  • Finally I have an all yes day!! YES!! Today is my adult child's birthday. I wish things were easier. I'm grateful for everything and that we are here to support, but sometimes wonder what the universe is doing.
  • Thank you, I will have to think of options...I just need to think it through.
  • Ugh ugh ugh Yes no no because I had cookies. I'm already fretting about august and Sept because I'm going to not be able to track or measure. Maybe my personal challenge instead will just be to stay away from sugar. Anyway, you guys are all so regular, I didn't feel like not checking in. I read everyone's posts, but then I…
  • You guys are doing so well! I am not! I feel like July has been a bit rocky. But I'm going to make that last week a better one. Going to remem what someone said about it being a choice. I'm lucky it's a choice. So I should be careful to make good choices. In 6th grade I wanted to be a vet. In 8th grade, I wanted to be a…
  • @Chinkiri do you have any support group you can go to,to know you are not alone and get ideas to cope? So, good news and bad news: the good news I'm now so used to eating lighter food that heavy cream and cheese is hard to digest. Bad news is that I had to eat it yesterday and find out....
  • Me too...
  • Exercised but no tracking and likely went over due to bad evening choice. Choices. Multiple... 9/22 sugar days, 7 pass days. I'm having a headache after a long time and wonder if the sugar last evening has something to do with it.
  • @Mrs_Hoffer @lesdarts180 now why did I not think of that?! I will look. I ended up walking a slow walk. An amble, if you will...but I can't.
  • No exercise because my feet hurt. Tracked and stayed in my range. 9/21 days sugar, I think I'm at 6 pass days. Today's going to be a no exercise day again. I could push but that's why me feet hurt so much and who wants plantar fasciitis again...
  • Exercised and tracked but over calories by quite a bit. So pass day 6. Sugar day 8/20. The good news is while I'm having trouble staying within calories, I seem to be maintaining. And I think my pass days will be in the single digits.
  • Tracked, walked but went over. 7/18 days sugar, I think it's 5 pass days.
  • @biketheworld I found this to start,but please check with the doctor...https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/articles/intermittent-fasting-is-it-for-you
  • Pass day 5. Tracked till dinner time but we went to someone's house and I tried to be careful. I didn't feel like I ate too much, but I didn't track. And I had a tiny bit of cake to taste so I guess that is another day of sugar 😩. It was a sliver but I'm still going to count it. 8/18. I weighed myself and am sad to see the…
  • @biketheworld a few people have told me their numbers really improved with intermittent fasting. Have you considered that?
  • I walked 20,000 steps, but over calories by quite a bit so pass day 4? Or 5? Good news is no sugar so 7/16.