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  • Fellow swimmer here. I found working to a program helped with motivation as well as getting fitter faster.... maybe find out if your local pool has some coached sessions you can try? Also apps like My Swim Pro have free trials... that one has a Couch to 1K schedule for swimmers just getting back into it, as well as a…
  • My free version of MFP keeps the percentages constant once I've set them, and also adds exercise calories automatically. So if I've set my protein to be, say, 30% of my daily calories and I do no exercise, it works out 30% of 1200 cals = 360 cals = 90g of protein. But if I do 700 cals of exercise, MFP wants me to eat that…
  • Put very simply, if you weigh however much yourself, then eat a potato, then immediately weigh yourself again, you'd expect your total weight to increase temporarily by the weight of the potato because it's now inside you. That doesn't mean your fat stores increased.
  • PS Saw tips on my other post about upper body workouts and cycling, thanks... definitely willing to give that a go just as soon as I can feel my foot!
  • MCL... I hadn't heard of it until yesterday when it stopped holding my knee joint together. I'll google those workouts, thanks.
  • Workout suggestions, please... I ripped my medial ligament yesterday and am now in a leg brace for the next couple of weeks. I'm getting a scan next week to see what other treatment is needed. Given that all swimming, rowing and C25K efforts are temporarily on hold, what workouts could I try besides pushing the buttons on…
  • Re what weights you can manage... here's my perspective as an overweight, unfit, middle-aged newbie who started strength training a few months back (so please defer to the experts here if what I say is wrong!) I started on really light weights but they were sufficient that my second or third set of 12 reps was a struggle.…
  • @lmlifesaver My kids and I are up to Week 2 of the C25K... is it okay if I hang around this thread? We're training outdoors using the C25K podcasts from the British NHS website. We try to run 3 times/week.
  • I'm guessing water ice = ice lolly = ice block = frozen confection depending on your country of origin. You misquoted by inserting the forward slash.
  • If the calories you eat are less than the calories you burn, you'll lose weight. So if you want to lose weight, you can either keep your exercise levels the same and eat less calories, or you can keep your eating habits the same and burn more calories, or for an even greater effect, you can do both (eat less and exercise…
  • Ally here too. Best wishes!
  • Oh, and a tip from me if you're doing backstroke... the first time you swim backstroke, count how many armstrokes you need from the overhead flags near the end of the pool to reach the wall itself. (For me it's 6 armstrokes without fins or 5 armstrokes with them.) Then when you're swimming backstroke fast and you see the…
  • At my pool we tend to swim clockwise in the lanes (or drive on the left!) There's an app called My Swim Pro that is free to try and among many different training schedules includes a swimming version of the Couch to 5K idea... for swimming, that particular schedule is about improving your stamina to build from just getting…
  • Feeling emotionally empty and trying to get past that by being physically full.
  • I guess you'd be building some muscle as your bike riding has expanded too.
  • Well-deserved success! You haven't made a big deal of the self-discipline you've shown to achieve what you have, but I hope you take pride in that too. Congratulations! Here's to more!!!
  • @AnnPT77 @MikePhirman I did 500m on the Concept 2 yesterday in 2:17 as part of a fitness test. I'm in my 50s and still 50lb overweight (was 60lb overweight) so I was pleased with that! Also I'd only been shown what to do the day before :# I tried to focus on pushing the machine away with my legs and hoping that all my swim…
  • @AnnPT77 Lol, I have the right body to be an elite darts player but lack the hand-eye coordination and affinity for plaid. My question was prompted by watching some rowing videos and noticing that rowers are often leaner than swimmers although it helps to be over 6' either way. Then I found an infographic that compared…
  • For those here who are dedicated to one particular sport (rowing/paddling/biking/running/swimming/whatever), how much do you think your body shape is "naturally" suited to your chosen sport, and how much have you overcome lack of genetic blessings through training? Example - some sports are made easier with long legs and…
  • Yesterday I watched people doing a 5km park run... my exercise was walking from my parked car to the viewing area and back. However today I did Week 1 Day 1 of the C25K, hooray!
  • For childhood issues, sometimes it can be helpful to learn about schemas (ingrained ways of viewing yourself).
  • Baby steps! Small changes add up. Maybe walk somewhere you'd normally drive, or eat an apple with your morning coffee instead of cookies? I've started chewing gum when sugar cravings hit... that small change has probably saved me a ton of calories this season. I know it's a cliche, but focus on progress, not perfection!
  • Since joining the gym eight weeks ago I have been wearing a very baggy tunic and sweatpants for group classes. This week I switched to a new T-shirt and fitted pants. A genuinely lovely and supportive old guy in my class came up and said, "Hey! You got rid of your poncho!!! Nice work!!!!!"
  • 2km on rowing machine while mentally reciting "legs, back, arms", then 45min strength training @AnnPT77 The friendly surf lifesaver/Masters rowing dude I met a few days ago is going to coach me through the basics next Tuesday :-)
  • I've been on MFP a few weeks and am starting to see how meal prep and repeating the same few things for breakfast and lunch would make things easier. I'm contemplating making two different lunches X3 or x4 on the weekend to cover my lunches through the week. I know lots of other people do this. It would make data input…
  • Aug 24: 30 min swim Aug 25: 1 hour strength training/stretching
  • Awesome! Segways have a speed dial marked "turtle" and "hare". So nice to move beyond turtle!
  • 30 min swim. Got distracted in a backstroke lap and didn't count six strokes past the flags... thwacked my head into the wall and hurt my neck. That'll learn me :-(