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  • Welcome ! One piece of advice is to be brutally honest when you enter your food and exercise. No one here judges and it's really between you and this tool. I finally started doing that and logging every single thing I put in my mouth and woke up to just how badly I was eating. Now I am addicted to it :)
  • A medium banana and 1 cup of bran cereal with almond milk. Most mornings I try and eat something to keep things "moving" but rarely successful lol. I do have one cup of decaf coffee with sugar free creamer.
  • I haven't had both but I did a tummy tuck 4 years ago. It's just brutal for recovery if you need to have your abdominus rectus muscles repaired. One thing to keep in mind is to eat as healthy as you possibly can to promote healing. Keep in mind while your body is in healing mode, your metabolism kicks into gear and you can…
  • Thankfully we had over 150 trick-or-treaters and to make sure, the last kids who came to my door got the rest so I wouldn't be tempted :)
  • They make flavorings for popcorn that you can literally use on anything and super low calorie. I enjot the white cheddar, parmesan and chili lime.
  • How funny I came across this thread and we are headed out to dinner with our friends and of course they all want pizza. My plan is to see if I can find a personal thin crust, eat half and then a side salad. It's the beer I really want :)
  • I was having dizzy spells and some other just general symptoms. My doctor tested my vitamin D level and it was 4. So of course that is seriously below where it should be, so he prescribed 50,000 IU weekly. My husband and I are both still on those dosage, my doctor making sure we are covered since that seems to be a…
  • Always eat your calories and try to find higher protein foods to get you through that. There is a natural supplement that I got at the Vitamin Store that helps with helping you feel full if you take it with your meals.
  • The guy doing sets and texting in between is my biggest one. I go during my lunch and when I get there I want to work out, not wait for him to finish texting his buddies. Gym bags everywhere - tripping hazards left and right with my already compromised joints. Dusty\dirty equipment. I have complained so many times about…
  • Most popular chains will list their nutritional information on their website. That would make it easier to pick something close out of the database. If I know where I am going, I will take a look at their menu and information on their website and plan ahead. If you can't, choose something with the least amount of whole…
  • I have had 2 major foot surgeries and scheduled for another Nov 5th on my Achilles. I found the important part to my recovery is getting as healthy as I can before it even happens to make sure healing goes quick. Beef up on your supplements for sure. I have a small fridge right next to the bed afterwards where I can keep…
  • Thanks for the great information ! It hasn't changed anything I am doing but it does get a little discouraging. After starting at one of my highest weights I am trying to make this change to not only better my health for the long term, but to boost my immune system and get ready for surgery. What you all are saying makes…
  • I have a gym membership and it's right down the road, but it's all fit skinny people working out. There is no mask mandate but the cleaning crew does a great job. Pros - We have a pool so I can swim pretty much at any time during the warmer months. I can fart with my situps (haha) I am not embarrassed by my size and not…
  • I can walk without an issue. They gave me a ring to insert but it's uncomfortable ! So since my post I have seen my foot doctor and I have a tear starting in my Achilles so I get to add that right in the mix. I may try the stationary bike and see how that goes.
  • Just like every other thread I have seen, there is zero mention of those who have actually had Covid. They carry 27x the antibodies than those vaccinated. Why would someone need a vaccine if they have already had Covid? The chances of getting a breakthrough infection of Delta open that person up to yet another infection.…
  • I wish I were closer dms ! I'm Erin from Clarksville, TN. I work from home and also have a desk job which during Covid packed on 40 pounds. I am trying to get control of my life back and get off the high blood pressure and cholesterol medications. If you want to check in everyday I would be more than happy to exchange…
  • I'm bored too ... Hi !
  • My mom had the same issue and gained 50lbs after she quit smoking. You should be proud though that you had the willpower to get it done. I find I am seriously hungry too after working at my desk all day. The Vitamin Shoppe has a natural supplement called Glucomannan. It promotes satiety and digestive support. You take it…
  • I had one for some time but just stopped using it. At the gym I had a consult and got my measurements for free from them. Right now I have a Livongo scale that is bluetooth enabled and logs my weight to my phone every day. Believe it or not, most employers have a program where you can get all of this at no cost to you.