This is getting so hard, IM HUNGRY!

Trying to lose some weight not much, I have about 8lbs left that I’d like to lose minimum. Only been consuming about 1100 calories of my 1300 allowed to reach my goal. I’ve cut back on my high calorie liquids so I can consume more food to help keep my hunger at bay during the day but I am still always hungry. When will it stop, it’s getting harder to just not indulge in food.


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    Always eat your calories and try to find higher protein foods to get you through that. There is a natural supplement that I got at the Vitamin Store that helps with helping you feel full if you take it with your meals.
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    If you have 8 pounds to lose your Goals should be set to "Lose 1/2 pound per week." Your Activity Level? Don't use Sedentary if you have any kind of job or go to school or care for kids at home. When you exercise you should enter the exercise into the Exercise tab and eat those calories too.

    What is your height and current weight? Do you work? Go to school? Stay at home Mom?

    Even 1300 is really likely way too low. No wonder you're struggling.

    I work 60-76hrs a week, I do work out 2-3 times a week, always busy running around, cleaning house, runnings errands. Very busy. I am 5’7” and I weight in at 158.6 this morning.
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    way too low!!!!
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    I always aim to stay close to my calories as sticking to your calorie allowance gives you the right amount of energy to get through the day. The best thing I find for weight loss is sticking to your macros and avoiding carbs late at night. I don’t eat carbs after 8pm as I’m not active enough to burn them off. I’ve found sticking to my calorie allowance helps me be more productive throughout the day and has improved my wellbeing
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    What are you eating?

    I personally find that what I eat and how I eat has the biggest impact on cravings and hunger pangs.

    If I eat any sugar, then I crave food constantly and feel like I'll starve to death without an evening snack. However, if I avoid sugar, and eat IF with a morning eating window, I can eat low calories and manage just fine not eating from 2pm onward.

    The difference is drastic. So perhaps start with finding a diet that works best for your particular body. Figure out what foods your body responds best to, the way of eating that makes you feel most energized and satisfied.

    Then modulate down your calories a bit.

    The most effective diet is the one that's comfortably sustainable. So you may have to play around with how you eat to find that.

    Most importantly, try not to rush it. Instead of trying to cut calories to get to a certain weight, try to build a lifestyle that can sustain that weight long term.
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    Eat more. If you're not seeing weight loss now, with your activity level, and if calorie intake is really that low . . . you may be seeing the creeping water retention that comes with the severe stress of long-term undereating. Your BMR alone (calorie burn in a coma, not moving) would be expected to be above 1300. Of course you're hungry!

    I have been losing weight so the restriction is helping I’m just always hungry and fear falling off the wagon