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  • That is pretty cool!
  • Different strokes for different folks.... lots of ways to skin this cat... *insert your cliche here*
  • Beef jerky is a go-to for me. I also quit eating breakfast food for breakfast. I have leftovers from dinner or whatever else, but there are almost no protein-heavy breakfast foods. Yes, I occasionally get weird looks when I have tacos for breakfast, but whatever. But regardless, try pre-logging your foods/meals. That way…
  • IMO, there's no such thing as an unbiased review. Everyone has their own preferences, even if they don't have an agenda. If you're buying an established, reliable brand from an established, reputable shop, then you're probably going to be just fine.
  • How about state of mind? I'm almost always in a better mood when I'm working out regularly, which makes me a better husband, parent, etc.
  • No, I wore the wetsuit, but could only zip it about 1/3 of the way up.
  • Great reports both of you... I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon and share my own. This entire season has been the season of the mechanical for me, and the days leading up to this race were no different. Friday night I had an issue with my bike which required a stop at a bike shop on Saturday for a derailleur and cable…
  • If you want to see faster progress, you need to create a larger calorie deficit. You could do that by adding in some/more cardio, or by cutting back your intake, or with a little bit of both.
  • Are you just tight from being on a plane, or is there actually something wrong? If you're just tight, then get up and move around. Swimming is a great exercise, but pretty much anything is better than sitting around. You'll loosen up the more you move, and can probably do whatever your regular workout would be. If there's…
  • You will need to put air in it periodically. How often is hard to say. If you're riding on the streets, then a higher pressure is probably better. If you look closely at the tire sidewall, there should be a max PSI. Inflate to about 80% of the max and see how you do. Well, the more you work the more you'll benefit from the…
  • It's all personal preference. For a 7-9k distance, I personally wouldn't eat anything. I prefer running on an empty stomach. Chances are whatever you do or don't eat isn't having a meaningful impact on your energy levels, so it's really just a question of how do you feel best during the run. Some people like to have food…
  • Just out of curiosity... if you know that @ 180lbs you should be burning about 125 cals per mile, why are you even paying attention to Garmin's estimates? Just turn the calorie counting off if you already know what you're burning.
  • I suggest one of these as well, then run pretty much whatever headphones you want. Mine, however, recently died. I picked up some cheap-ish wireless headphones from Target (Phillips, $30). They sound OK, good enough for what I need, and being wire-free is surprisingly nice. I just set my phone on the ground near me so it's…
  • That sounds right to me... based on what I think I know about calorie estimates and from my experience with my garmins.
  • Agreed. Oh, and this too:
  • Yes. My commute is long enough to matter. IMO. 38 miles yesterday round trip.
  • What are you trying to accomplish with the cardio? Simply burning calories? If your primary goal is strength training, then just commit to that and give it your all. IMO, having 2 priorities is the same as having no priorities. And I say that as a triathlete.
  • Inov-8s F-lite 195s are great all-purpose shoes, but do have 3mm drop. I've worn mine into the ground lifting, running, every-day wear and tear... probably the best single pair of shoes I've ever owned. They do have a Bare-x line with 0 drop, if that 3mm really makes a difference.
  • Right. I know how it works. But the "as long as" part was left out of the original post, which is a BIG qualifier considering what I want to eat is oreos and how much I want to eat is the entire package.
  • Thanks... good to know,. No, it is not lugged. I'll take it apart and give it a good cleaning this weekend, then a full visual inspection. Assuming nothing jumps out at me, I'll assume it's still got some life left.
  • ^^ that does not equal this: The are mutually exclusive.
  • Personally, if being sore has a significant impact on my ability to do the lifts, then I'll put off the workout for a day or 2 until I can give it the proper effort with the correct form/technique. Otherwise I make sure to do a proper warmup and I stay with the program. I've been at this long enough to know that I'm not…
  • I've never seen an app or anything like that, but I've seen charts and infopics that compare portions to common items like a deck of cards, your palm, etc. Do a google image search for "serving size reference guide" and you'll get a ton of stuff.
  • Since we're all physical therapists here... I have similar problems, though mine aren't as bad as yours sound. I've been doing a lot of pivot presses, leg/knee raises, roll-outs, weighted side bends and back extensions.
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  • Following along as I have similar problems.
  • It's MFP, where the only right answer is heavy lifting. Don't agree? GTFO!
  • Back off the intensity just a little and/or not eat beforehand.