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  • Personally, I'm not a fan of basing the next cycle off of the past AMRAP sets... it's too variable for me as a good day can easily have me doing 10+ reps and a bad day could have me at the minimum. If you're basing your TM off of your actual, current 1RM, then you're probably fine. FWIW, be careful basing any meaningful…
  • Any half-way decent app should do it for you, assuming you have a good sense of what you can lift.
  • There is no set number. Personally, I only lift hard during the winter, so I usually run 3-5 cycles depending on timing, but there's no reason to stop at a certain number. It's meant to be a long term program. The only reason to stop/change would be if your goals change. No. There is no real need to test maxes except for…
  • Because you don't know what to do, or because you can't control your intake long enough to see progress?
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  • lol... sounds like somethign I would do. I've brought the wrong shoes on a couple of occasions... loaded up the road bike, road helmet, road kit, and mountain shoes. Yea, that doesn't work.
  • I'd probably go with nuts and/or beef jerky. Also, the Smartfood Delight Popcorn is actually pretty decent. It's not movie popcorn by any means, but it's not like you have choke it down.
  • I scanned the first page and thought I'd throw out a couple of points worth considering... 1 - women specific bikes generally have different dimensions/measurements (called geometry in the bike world) and are designed to fit shorter people. If you're under about 5'6" or so, women's specific bikes could be helpful. If…
  • Are you looking to step on stage at some point? No? Then you're probably fine.
  • I do. My situation is a little different, though. I'm divorced and have my kids part-time... custody is basically a 50/50 split. I feel bad when my workouts cut into family time, so I try to do most of my workouts when the kids are with their mother... but my goals require more workout time/volume than my custody…
  • For those of you saying that _________ flavor is awesome/great/wonderful... have you ever had real ice cream?
  • I agree. Racing has helped me discover my true limitations. It's much easier for me to back off the intensity or quit before I need to during a typical workout. But when the clock is ticking and results are at stake, I tend to push myself harder. Sometimes that's good, sometimes it's not, but it always teaches me something…
  • Either - (A) Until I can no longer stand how I look. or (B) Until I have to start cutting in order to reach a goal (bikini season, race weight, etc)
  • Agreed. My first thought was open water swim. After that, practice your transitions a couple of times just so you know what to expect and are less apt to get flustered on race day. It's a sprint distance so if you can bike a little and run a little then you should be fine with those. But swimming along side 100 other…
  • Do you have any equipment at home, or are you looking for bodyweight stuff? I'd suggest pivot presses, hanging leg raises, and side bends, but you need equipment for those.
  • I like thin socks personally... my favorites are Smartwool PHDs, Swiftwick, and Features. In that order.
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  • I like the overall point of the article, that each of us are responsible for ourselves, and that the vast majority of the "reasons" why we are fat are our own priorities, choices, and excuses. I do think that there are more shades of gray regarding fitness than in most other endeavors in life, most notably the clear lack…
  • FWIW... happens to me, too. I don't know what it is or why, or how much of it is just subjective... but I see it too.
  • Looking at cals and looking at macros are related. If you hit your macro goals, you will necessarily hit your calorie goal. So there shouldn't be a huge adjustment in term of your overall intake. What you eat could change, but not how much you eat. In that regard, I find pre-logging to be hugely helpful as I can prelog…
  • I've also had good luck with Strava... but there are a ton of these kinds of aps out there. Try a few and see what works with your device in your area.
  • To continue the downward spiral of this conversation... My feeling is that BCAAs only offer actual benefit when doing significant training under meaningfully fasted conditions while in an overall calorie deficit. And even then, the benefits are pretty minor. So like many things beyond CICO, it's really conversation about…
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  • Trutein makes some, you could just buy it.
  • A chiro? I guess the first thing you need to figure out is if it's an injury type of problem or a training/recovery problem. 2 very different issues with VERY different solutions.
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  • If your diet is generally well balanced and you eat, at least more or less, throughout the day, I don't think there is any meaningful benefit to BCAA supplementation. But everyone is a little different in what they do and how they do it, so much like a multi-vitamin, they probably won't hurt anything if you wanted to try…
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  • I just suck it up, but I typically like the heat so that might not help you. Something else to consider... you may not be sufficiently recovered and/or nourished. Running every day? Peak of summer? That'll wear on you .
  • Following along on the off chance that this thread goes anywhere. I too have lower back issues that are bothered by things like hanging leg raises and ab roll-outs. Crunches don't bother me. I'm assuming it's a muscle imbalance that I'm trying to correct with a more well-rounded core workout and higher volume/lower weight.
  • IMO, gear that you are going to use more/harder than the average person is worth paying for. Find good stuff, pay the money, and enjoy it for years. Stuff that you'll use more casually probably isn't worth paying extra for higher quality and/or better features. That said, and more to your question, I'll second what may are…
  • Watch your footing so you don't trip, especially as your legs start to tire out.
  • Agreed. In the big picture it shouldn't matter much if at all. When you say you are over... are you over by a little, or by a ton? If your diet is, generally speaking, reasonably balanced and reasonably healthy, then being over a bit in fats shouldn't be a problem.
  • 600-800 calories left out of how many? Having 600 cals left when you're supposed to eat 1200 is a big deal... less so if you're eating 4000 cals per day. Are you pretty confident that your logging is reasonably accurate? i.e. are you logging everything you eat and making reasonable efforts to measure how much (volume,…
  • Agreed. Problems at just 3.5 miles is not a fueling issue. It might be an overal calorie/diet issue, but it's not a "how do I fuel my runs" thing. If you think weather/heat/temps are the problem, you can, to a large extent, train your body to better handle them. If it's a metal thing, then you just need to get over it.