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  • I updated app and working now
  • I updated app and working now
  • I updated app and working now
  • I updated app and working now
  • I updated app and working now
  • I'm obsessed but INSANITY love it love it love it hehe I used to run but I find it sssssssoooooo boring now, I have lost 9lbs in 2 weeks doing insanity and watching my diet, it's hard going, but feels brill when u finish your workout, and I find I'm burning just as many cals as running
  • Hey I just finished day 3rd day of week 3 so not to far in front!! It's my wrists that kill me, I obviously have no strength bevause the don't hold me up to well!! It's tough going but worth it!! Have u done your 2ns fit test yet?? Good luck :)
  • I feel like I could continue no problem but didn't know if I'd be doing more harm than good going above it! Thanks for all your advice, been helpful :) :) x
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  • I like the saying "At first, they will ask you WHY your doing it, later, they'll ask you HOW you done it"
  • My mum was always on at me "are u eating" etc etc, I was at my thinnest at that point, watching what I ate and exercising 5 times a week, I felt great everyone thought I was to thin tho!!! Then Christmas I was tucking into my food at the table with all my family around (I had put on a bit of weight) and my mum said to me,…
  • Thanks, have u done it?? Month 2 scares me, since everything has MAX in front of it, I have no idea what to expect haha
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  • Thanks I think ur right would be a thought starting from scratch!!! How u finding it?? It's hard work but I see a difference already, not in weight or anything just in strength, I managed today to do my first ever real push up and I done 5 in a row! I can't do the moving ones so I just practice my push ups lol what's ur…
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  • I became really unwell in April with bronchitis, That pretty much scared me into stopping, I had never been so ill in my life I wanted to just curl up and die, I couldnt smoke cos I couldnt breath I was bed ridden for 2 whole weeks and even once i felt better and could get out of bed I couldnt breath without coughing I…
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  • Yeah before I was eating 1200 cals, and I was advised on here to try the TDEE-20% and thats the figure that it gave me, I know its gonna take a while its just after so long of no results it gets very depressing. I know everything is not logged on here but I can honestly say that i have been eating healthier since I stopped…
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  • I have 2 boxers Jeffrey and ruby
  • me to if there is space please
  • Haha yeah true!!! I'm absolutely rubbish at squats :( Can't do them to save my life and I look absolutely ridiculous doing them!! I will give everything else a go, How quick should I see results?? I want to do weights but I really have no idea where to start, What exercises to do for certain muscles, etc
  • I actually feel I am getting worse not better :( ran today and walked for a bit first time in a long time that's happened Does weather have effect on anyone's performance, I mean it's not raining or snowing but the wind has definitely changed colder :( I am in Scotland it's going to get worse hehe should I keep running…
  • am confused, so should I speed up to raise my heatrt rate, (which i think is pretty high already) or slow down, have you both said the same am I just reading that wrong?? sorry duh!!!
  • Oooooh I am going on a cruise next August, round the med, am sooooo excited it will be my first ever cruise, planing on running round the track every morning!!! Sorry I'm no help just excited hehe
  • Sorry thought I could help also, but mines is time, my week 2 is 1.5m run 2mins walk x4 then 1min run 1min walk x2
  • Good advice thanks So I should change my cals to 1950 and just put my runs into notes, I'm kinda nervous about putting my cals up that much, seems to go against everything I thought was right, but I'm not doing well my way so willing to try anything :) Thanks Guys xxx
  • I have ran a couple of times after eating waiting for about a hour and I get stiches, but is an hour long enough to eait, should I just run through the pain?? Yeah weightloss is very slow with me haha but I meant, you know how people say dont eat past 630 etc with it being close to bed time!!
  • I Started running in July, this was the first time I could breathe properly after having bronchitis! Back then I was doing 5k in 45 minutes, I am now down to 28 mins 30 seconds VERY happy with my time I done my first 10k a couple weeks ago and got a time of 66 mins 50 seconds Again VERY happy with this time, hoping to get…
  • Wow, how would you feel if he said all this about you?? You said in you r post that you are starting to get unattracted to him, shallow!! has he all of a sudden become unattractive because he doesnt work out! I can understand your point about wanting him to be healthy, but you cant force someone to do it, they need to want…
  • thanks for all your advice folks just want to ask one last question, if i start eating the 1964 cals a day that the calculator told me, and am logging food on here, I wont be able to log my runs as it would then look like i was under eating, and the days im not running would look like im not lowering my cals at all so if…
  • I Use Nike + although I have noticed its turned all my distances into miles, i prefer working with kilometers, and i dont know how to change it back :(
  • Im 5'11" my goal weight is 164lbs,
  • Its saying I should eat 1964 cals a day to loose?? I presume at that number i eat that every day and dont think about taking off for my running?? Wow looking at that then I was way undereating! Sorry for the questions