Insanity - End of week two

Hi Guys
I am new to the forum, and just wanted to share my insanity journey - anyone else coming to the end of week two? My knees have managed to hold out so far (heard ppl get problems with this during INsanity), nut my left shoulder at the front is pretty sore - I cant tell if its just sore or an injury, as I have not done this kind of intense workout on my upper body before.


  • fefe0201
    fefe0201 Posts: 49 Member
    I just finished day 3rd day of week 3 so not to far in front!!
    It's my wrists that kill me, I obviously have no strength bevause the don't hold me up to well!!
    It's tough going but worth it!! Have u done your 2ns fit test yet??
    Good luck :)
  • micheleb15
    micheleb15 Posts: 1,418 Member
    Can you tell if It is muscle soreness or joint pain? There shouldn't be any joint pain. You say left front shoulder, not really sure what could cause that in the workout. Could it be your pec muscle from the push-ups?