What's your dog's name???



  • smiley245
    smiley245 Posts: 420 Member
    We have a Boston terrier/Beagle mix named Dimitri, AKA Crazy dog :heart:
  • Cornelius Hugo

    Wolfgang Amadeus

    Getting a puppy is super exciting! Good Luck!!

    Ha! My chocolate lab was named Wolfgang Mozart :)
  • Melroxsox
    Melroxsox Posts: 1,040 Member
    <<< RAMBO! One naughty boxer pup;)
  • dalana84
    dalana84 Posts: 75 Member
    Bugatti - Brindle pitty boy & Aston - Fawn itty, bitty, pitty girl :heart: :heart:
  • crazyellybean
    crazyellybean Posts: 999 Member
    Mack - Rott/Chow Mix

    Narah - Shepard/Chow/Rott Mix

    Ozzie - York Terrier
  • fefe0201
    fefe0201 Posts: 49 Member
    I have 2 boxers Jeffrey and ruby
  • <
    Myka (Black Pug) :heart:
  • HealthyBodySickMind
    HealthyBodySickMind Posts: 1,206 Member

    Phoenix- Talladega- Indy

    Get the Trend? lol

    You were named after the dog?

    Sorry couldn't help myself.
  • HealthyBodySickMind
    HealthyBodySickMind Posts: 1,206 Member
    Freya, Mischief, and Renegade:



    We didn't name Freya, though. She's not even really ours. She's our current foster, and came with that name, but I like it. Ren and Mischief kind of have a theme to their names, I suppose.
  • gotcardi
    gotcardi Posts: 19 Member
    Dakota, Sedona, Chance, Mason, Mia and Glory.
    6 dogs.
    I show and breed and wouldn't change a thing! I <3 my fur kids :)
  • Sharon_73
    Sharon_73 Posts: 197 Member
    I have a 10 month old Pointer/Beagle named Casanova
    (and a 7 1/2 year old Dwarf/Lionhead Rabbit named BlackJack)