Is running the only way?



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    Jump rope....But still i rather GORUN :happy:
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    I've gotten decent results with 30 Day Shred, Ripped in 30, etc. I think they work because they combine some strength training, with some cardio, and you have to work really hard at them (heart rate stays high).

    I like them because each activity is only about 30 seconds, so I don't get bored. I cannot stand to workout on any kind of machine for any length of time, because my mind turns to mush. But if I zone out, or watch TV or something, I'm not sure I work as hard.
  • I'm pretty active. I love working out and prefer to be challenged. I was a speed walker for many years & tried running this spring. I loved it until I started really really hating it. It started getting hot, and that was gross. Then the sky would open up and rain all over me even though the radar was clear. I destroyed a few pairs of headphones from the rain and sweat. My sweat head bands were great until the sun started beating on my head. Then I felt like they were choking my skull. I've never had problems with my knees, and they were burning (it had something to do with muscles in my butt). I could no longer do the other exercises Ioved because running was wrecking my lower body.

    But my *kitten* looked great. My profile pic was taken after one of my last runs where I was rained all over. Love the indents. <3

    I was going to stop for a week, but then I realized It took a while to be able to do my other workouts again. That was 2 months ago. I'm thrilled to do what I love again, but really nothing really burns the cals like f-running. Maybe plyometrics. I love that. Maybe that's an option for you?
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    What do you hate about running, and can it be fixed?
    - Is it the impact? If so, there are elliptical machines, stairclimbers, and adaptive motion trainers. And treadmills are a little softer than streets and sidewalks.
    - Is it the monotony? If so, there are parks for visual stimulation, music and/or "books on tape," and apps like "Zombies, Run!" or HIIT apps to mix it up a bit.
    - Is it feet, ankles, knees? If so, get fitted for good running shoes at a specialty store like Road Runner Sports. Makes a huge difference.
    - Is it boobs? If so, I'd suggest investing in a really good sports bra. Champion makes some that work for well me.

    I'm mainly a walker; I lost most of my weight by walking miles and miles every day. I like to climb stairs too (real ones more than the machines in the gym). I always, always hated running. But recently I've found myself just naturally wanting to pick up the pace. I'm feeling the difference right where I need it, I can do it right after work, and it's actually a LOT of fun. All of those problems I mentioned above were obstacles for me. All of them can be addressed. Can your obstacles be addressed too, or do you just need a change of pace? If you need a change of pace, yeah, somebody posted a nice big list already. If you would run, buuuut... maybe think a little bit and see how the "buts" could be handled (giggity?).
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    I couldn't run for 4 months because of knee issues and still managed to lose weight and stay fit. I did cycling, boxing and lifting mainly but any exercise that burns calories will do the trick. The main thing is to make sure you're in an overall calorie deficit
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    on days when I just don't want to run, I choose the elliptical. I get a good workout, but running is the best. I find that if I have a goal to work toward or a race to train for, it keeps me motivated. right now I am training for my first 1/2 marathon aug 17.
  • I hate all forms of running... but spinning, like others have suggested is a great alternative. I started spinning consistently about 6 months ago and I go about 3x a week.

    Recently, I've gotten bored of it and put myself on a treadmill once a week. The first week my muscles were on fire! But my body had gotten a lot stronger just from spinning so I had a much easier time on the treadmill then I would've 6 months ago. My butt barely moves anymore while jogging and my endurance is pretty decent too :D.

    So if it's an option for you you can try a little bit of both at first? Or start out spinning then switch.
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    I'm obsessed but INSANITY love it love it love it hehe I used to run but I find it sssssssoooooo boring now, I have lost 9lbs in 2 weeks doing insanity and watching my diet, it's hard going, but feels brill when u finish your workout, and I find I'm burning just as many cals as running
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    I hate running and usually avoid it unless I'm training for a sprint triathlon or I'm traveling someplace and there are no other options. For me, it's all in the heart rate. I discovered after buying an FT7 heart rate monitor that yeah, running is the most bang for the buck- but now that I know what my heart rate should be during a good workout, I make sure that I keep my heart rate at a decent level no matter what I'm doing- bicycling, swimming the elliptical trainer, etc.
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    I get a decent burn out of the elliptical machine. I burn 700+ per hour. And even better, I've got a TV and DVD player in front of the machine, so if I get the urge to watch TV or a show I have on disc...time flies when you're not paying attention to the exercise.
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    What about running do you dislike? Do you like zumba (I think you said you like zumba??) because it's in a group? I realized recently that I'm much better at working out in a group setting - I do a lot of Group Power classes, Spinning classes, and I joined a running group at my local Running Room (it's free!). I hate running on a treadmill but I love running outside with the group.
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    Elliptical trainer with high resistance/hill climb?
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    a put a loads of top tunes you like and get running . always spurs me to run more when a good upbeat song comes on.x
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    If running got you results continue to do so,

    but in my case I relied on proper macros and a calorie deficit to cut fat. I did minimum cardio and lost fat while maintaining most of my lean body mass.

    I will however do cardio if I ate a little too much that day just to get it to the level of my current deficit.
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    a put a loads of top tunes you like and get running . always spurs me to run more when a good upbeat song comes on.x

    But if she hates running, why do it?
  • I hate running too! The fact that so many of us hate it and still do it regardless says something. Although, ....I'm not sure WHAT that says exactly. Probably that we're all crazy, but I'm glad I'm not alone. :smile:
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    I love running, put in my earbuds and just go. I hated it at first but, have learned to love the feeling I get during and after a run.
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    P90X, Combat and Pump...Love it!
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    Running is really a poor investment in time in terms of fat loss, the actual fat loss really comes from a caloric deficit, weight training is definitely a better choice.
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    Running is really a poor investment in time in terms of fat loss, the actual fat loss really comes from a caloric deficit, weight training is definitely a better choice.

    Solid advice, and do not worry ladies you will not get bulky lifting some iron.