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  • Yeah, when I work out, I get that, too. It's how I lure my hubby to races! LOL He enjoys hanging out near the finish line and cheering on the finishers (aka enjoying the view).
  • Keep shedding the fat, in addition to strengthening your whole body, but tricep extensions, skull crushers, tricep kickbacks, tricep dips, and push ups are all great for the triceps. Chattarunga pushups are KILLER- you keep your elbows in (if you're familiar with the yoga move, it helps!).
  • ^^THIS! Practice open water swimming, because it IS very different than lap swimming, and you need to get used to the change in energy used (you don't get the rest you'd get from pushing off the wall, for example), and you need to get used to sighting, not to mention the group swim environment. I do a short run after…
  • I would say to eat more and see how it goes. You don't want to have more than a 7000 calorie deficit over the course of the week. I rarely eat less than 2000 calories per day, and I'm actively losing weight. I'm marathon training ATM, so some days I eat way more than that. Between my swimming, biking, running, trail…
  • That's basically what you need to do in the beginning. Literally, about the same pace as your walking. My first miles were at about a 16 minute pace. Even C25K was too fast for me, so I would run a block, walk a block. Then I built up to run 2, walk 1. Then run 3, walk 1. Now I can run for hours! I'm marathon training…
  • In the future, if this happens again, ice bath immediately when you get home. Keep moving, go for a swim or do yoga tomorrow, foam roll, self-massage, compression socks if you have them.
  • I would go more by your heart rate and perceived effort. Have you ever checked your heart rate while working out?
  • Try breathing in for 3 steps, out for 2, or breathing in for 2 and out for 1. That way you're alternating which foot you're starting and finishing your breaths on (lowering injury risk). Sometimes getting caught up in the rhythm of your breathing can be very hypnotic! If you can't catch your breath, you're likely running…
  • I would highly suggest getting fitted for shoes, but you can wait until you've gotten some momentum going (maybe as a reward when you can run a mile without walking or something?) Couch to 5K, or C25K, is a very popular program, and I would highly suggest checking into it. There are both a website and an app for it. In my…
  • Yep, there are a TON of them out there, so make sure that the one you get does what you need. The Polars that the PP mentioned are very popular base models. Mine is more high tech, but I had a Timex T5G971 before that that I liked. A Fitbit is okay, but it REALLY doesn't calculate gym workouts well at all. It's more for…
  • I had a Fitbit One, but it fell off on a run (man was I bummed!), so I'd HIGHLY recommend getting a leash for it (you can get one cheap on Amazon). I'd had the Ultra before that, and liked it a lot. But I needed the HRM to get my workout cals accurately. I had a Timex T5G971, but now I have a Garmin Forerunner 410 (more…
  • I would do it. If it were a 10+ miler, I'd say break them in on a couple of runs first, but shes that fit you well should be ready to go for pretty much any run.
  • I primarily run, but I also am into triathlon, so I do swim a couple of times a week. It's been part of my weight loss, but it's not the primary exercise in my regimen.
  • I would say to choose the one that feels good in the thick of your workout. The cold one may feel cold when you first get in, but once you get moving, it may feel great. The pool where I do my laps is that way, and within the first couple of laps I'm usually good to go. Every once in awhile I'm still chilly later. If I'm…
  • ^^ I agree with all of them. No way to spot-reduce or choose from where the fat comes. But cleaning up your diet is the main factor. Get rid of processed foods, refined grains, and sugar. Drink plenty of water, and get in that strength training (your WHOLE body- you CANNOT crunch your way to a six-pack). You have to shed…
  • Try Ripped in 30, if 30DS is too easy. It's a great follow-up! I haven't tried her others, but those two are a good sequence.
  • I use mine for all workouts except for swimming. You can absolutely use it for Insanity! It'll help save some battery if you turn off the GPS- press and hold GPS, then scroll to get to GPS, and press the top button to select off. Then go into training and get your workout on like normal. =) Just don't forget to turn it…
  • I really like Vega Sport Performance Protein and Vega One Nutritional Shake (vanilla is my favorite variety in both). I like that they're not loaded with sugar and artificial crap, and I can recognize the ingredients. I buy it at Whole Foods. If it matters, it's vegan, wheat free, gluten free, soy free, etc.
  • ^^What they've all said. Be sure to test anything you're planning to use come race day during your training- NEVER do or use anything new on race day. That goes for food, how you run, clothing, music, whatever. It should all be tried and true for YOU. I always take my iPhone on any run, but for races, I love being able to…
  • I tend to bulk up, too. I have learned that I can't really do strength training more than once a week. I am still very toned, but losing the fat.
  • Road Runner is great, and the VIP thing is TOTALLY worth doing. They have great other products as well.
  • You don't have the hormonal makeup to bulk up unless you REALLY try. I would strongly suggest picking up a copy of Oxygen magazine. It's all about weight training for women (and doesn't use Cosmo models for it), and it's super informative. Sparkpeople.com has some great exercise demos that can give you some ideas as well,…
  • My latest discovery is the Falafel chips!! YUMMY! I heart their s'mores things, too (chocolate-covered). That place is so great!
  • I would say as long as you feel okay, you're probably okay. The National Academy of Sciences recommends staying above 500mg/day, which you are. Make sure you're getting plenty of potassium as well, and exercising. If you get crampy when exercising, you might need to increase your sodium a little.
  • It's important to eat at least your BMR. So that's the 1391 calories. Even if you're laying in bed, you're burning at least that. But that's what your body requires in order to function normally. You can set your calorie goal on here to 1391 (I have mine set for my BMR).
  • Welcome! I eat clean, which I love. I don't feel deprived, I don't starve, and it's taught me a lot about food. I subscribe to Clean Eating magazine, which you can check out at cleaneatingmag.com. It's all about eating whole, unprocessed foods, eating small frequent meals, eliminating sugars and refined grains, and…
  • LOL! I LOOOOOOVE carrots and hummus! It's one of my favorite snack combinations! We have a great local hummus place, and I literally have 4 varieties in the fridge right now, and two bags of baby carrots! Super portable for when I'm at school or studying, and they keep me awake! LOL
  • I only get one? LOL Cheesecake, most likely. LOOOOOVE me some good cheesecake!
  • Hey, mama! Luckily, I didn't have a broken bone, but you probably remember my torn patellar tendon (and other knee damage from my fall), which really slowed me down. It's been 3 months now almost to the day, and I'm still building back my running. It's been a couple of weeks now that I've been able to actually go for runs…
  • I like MapMyRun, but I use RunKeeper generally. Love it, and it's free, too!