New Running Shoes

Yep! Brand new.

Should I do my usual 5mi run tomorrow?

Or do I break them in somehow?

Any advice on new running shoes would be greatly appreciated.



  • zlauerMom
    zlauerMom Posts: 183 Member
    I'd just do the run. I've never had to 'break in' my running shoes.

    I put them on and go. I wouldn't do that for a race though.
  • bumblebums
    bumblebums Posts: 2,196 Member
    I would just do the run. Properly fitted running shoes do not require breaking in.
  • RumpledSkillSet
    RumpledSkillSet Posts: 7 Member

    I appreciate the replies.
  • I would do it. If it were a 10+ miler, I'd say break them in on a couple of runs first, but shes that fit you well should be ready to go for pretty much any run.