If I could eat ____ without gaining weight, I so would!



  • PuggleLover
    PuggleLover Posts: 261 Member
    All things chocolate.
  • famlyluv
    famlyluv Posts: 206 Member
    Dairy Queen Blizzards....Medium size thank you!!
  • dragonfly74
    dragonfly74 Posts: 1,382 Member
    PIZZA for every meal, every day
  • MzMiller1215
    MzMiller1215 Posts: 645 Member
    Sour Patch Kids, Dots and McDonald's french fries. :tongue:
  • skywa
    skywa Posts: 901 Member
    pasta. ALL THE PASTA.
    candy. sour candy + dark choco especially.
    fried food. fish, potatoes, n chicken especially.

    thats pretty much all i miss.
  • batgirl8809
    batgirl8809 Posts: 32 Member
    Pasta. Specifically tortellini/ravioli with some kind of alfredo sauce. Everyday. For pretty much every meal, haha.
  • monicasuze
    monicasuze Posts: 37
    Lots and lots of peanut butter & Nutella :))
  • marylynn85
    marylynn85 Posts: 496 Member
    Cheesecake!!!!!!! Any kind of cheesecake!!!

    Same for me. I love cheesecake!!
  • geojeepgirl
    geojeepgirl Posts: 245 Member
    chips and dip... but alas no more
  • plzlbsbegone
    plzlbsbegone Posts: 233
    kit-kats, bbq kettle chips and Dr. Pepper!
  • Hezzietiger1
    Hezzietiger1 Posts: 1,256 Member
    vanilla vodka and coke, ben and jerry's aka Jesus Ice cream, Loaded Nachos, Loaded french fries, Loaded baked potatoes LOL
  • Drendren
    Drendren Posts: 34 Member
    what IS poutine?
    First you take fries. Not frozen. The good, hand cut, fresh, made in a chip truck fries. Next, you add cheese curds. Not just any cheese curds. The delicious, fresh, gooey white cheese curds made in Quebec. Then add gravy. Proper homemade gravy. Season as you see fit - yummers!
    We've also got something up here in Canada-land called Newfie fries - take the above, and add dressing, as in turkey. Many variations, all delicious, all extremely high in fat/salt. But so worth it once per summer!
  • popat89
    popat89 Posts: 83 Member
    chocolate chip cookies and chips and salsa. All day, everyday.
  • Askyewalker
    Askyewalker Posts: 40 Member
    Burger King Whopper with Cheese
    Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla bean buttercream frosting
    Applebees Blondie with ice cream and caramel /butter sauce
    Lemon pepper wings - FRIED!
  • Hood25
    Hood25 Posts: 208 Member
    Biscuits and gravy............all day long
  • DeMarraDontStop
    DeMarraDontStop Posts: 346 Member
    Chips, chips and more chips!
  • jpascual
    jpascual Posts: 1 Member
    Sticky rice cakes! Yum:)
  • I only get one? LOL
    Cheesecake, most likely. LOOOOOVE me some good cheesecake!
  • gir21
    gir21 Posts: 3
  • cjkerr125
    cjkerr125 Posts: 6 Member
    Peanuts. Oh god how i miss my little friends lol