Protein powders

I was curious what protein powders are your 'favorites' in smoothies for post work outs or runs?? I have the impression that whey is slightly better than soy, or does it really matter??


  • ken_hogan
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    Weird...was just reading up on this one....thank you!!!
  • ken_hogan
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  • I use whey 80 from protein works, ive got 9 diff flavours.
    got a few fave flavours, but there all nice in shakes, yoghurt and porridge.
  • jody664
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    I like Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard too, particularly the Vanilla Ice Cream flavor. Throw in a few frozen berries and some yogurt or cottage cheese, and you've got a great tasting "milk shake."
  • h9dlb
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    ON nutrition 100% and Reflex Instant Whey are best when cutting as they are low cal, carb and low fat. They are very similar products but Reflex is about half the price of ON.

    Whey is better than soy.
  • GetSoda
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    Whey is an OK source of protein, especially whey isolate (Vs concentrate.)
    Soy is trash. Leave it on the shelf.

    I like ON Gold standard. It's a good value. But usually I'd rather eat food for protein: cottage cheese, beef jerkey...
  • I really like Vega Sport Performance Protein and Vega One Nutritional Shake (vanilla is my favorite variety in both). I like that they're not loaded with sugar and artificial crap, and I can recognize the ingredients. I buy it at Whole Foods.
    If it matters, it's vegan, wheat free, gluten free, soy free, etc.
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    Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Double Choclate...close the thread...
    I might go have another two scoops today because YOLO.
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    We're broke, so we buy the Body Fortress Vanilla. It has a little bit of a funny vanilla smell, but it is pretty tasty in my shakes and in the morning in my fruit smoothie. :)
  • strozman
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    I like Optimum Nutrition and VP2 powders vanilla flavors. I also like to have Cytosport complete whey cookies n creme to add in my shake every once in a while. I mix the vanilla shakes and put coffee instead of water to make it taste awesome.
  • jfolds0
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    I like to use the PUMP-HD from GNC pre-workout and ROCKIN' REFUEL post workout...also from GNC... .
  • froeschli
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    i like the muscletech ones (triple chocolate or vanilla). the worst one i've tried was a 90% soy protein from weider(?) - it gave my husband really bad digestion problems, after just one serving.
    and yes, i am trying my way through all the cheap ones at the grocery store and pharmacy first, anything i can return in person :happy:
    the unflavoured 90% whey protein isolate from bulk barn isn't bad either, and i just saw they added one in chocolate flavour too.
    i just got a good deal on an after workout shake from shoppers drug mart - but unless it cuts down on my (serious) DOMS, it's definitely not a keeper - the orange flavour just has a bad aftertaste.
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    NNW whey. If you have a hyvee, it's moderately priced. low in calories, 4 ingredients (I can read them all). I like cinnamon bun and vanilla caramel swirl. Peanut butter chocolate is not so good, but not terrible.