Few questions for anyone that has broken a foot/leg

I tried searching on here, but with 30 pages coming back, I thought I would go ahead and just start a new thread. I broke my foot (5th metatarsal) last week while exercising. Not a horribly bad break as I am currently in a boot and using crutches, no surgery. I have found some great arm exercises I have been doing at home and while my fitbit numbers have plummeted :), I get around as best I can.

Anyways-so my questions are:

1. If you have broken a bone, how long did it take before you were healed?
2. How long before you were back exercising 100%?
3. With limited mobility-were you still able to lose weight?

I realize that these kind of questions can be subjective and dependent on the individual, but I am interested in hearing any experiences, as well as any tips. This has been a bit hard on me, as I was up to spending a lot of my day active.

Thank you in advance.


  • Hey, mama!
    Luckily, I didn't have a broken bone, but you probably remember my torn patellar tendon (and other knee damage from my fall), which really slowed me down. It's been 3 months now almost to the day, and I'm still building back my running. It's been a couple of weeks now that I've been able to actually go for runs now (and I'm still building back up my distance/time). I started strength training (primarily upper body, of course) within a week or two of my injury. I did still lose weight with my injury. I cut back my calories immediately, and my plan to was to simply maintain (though loss would be nice!). I got lucky, Groupon had a cheap gym membership, which I took advantage of, so I wasn't stuck at home trying to work out. I tried doing videos, but I had to modify them SO much that I couldn't get my heart rate up. Swimming I could do with a buoy between my legs (tried swimming today, and it still hurts my knee some, so I'm still not back at it there). The elliptical was actually the best thing for my specific injury, which I only had access to at the gym. They also have a hand pedal bike, which I would do for a bit, but with my carpal tunnel, it was even difficult to stick with that. I love strength training, luckily, so I was able to really focus on that, and slowly, I was able to add some cardio moves in between (like jumping jacks, butt kicks, etc) eventually, based on what felt okay.
    I don't know if this is the answer you wanted, but I hope at least something is helpful for you! =) I know you're super frustrated!! It'll get better!!!
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    Bumping this 'cause I've done almost the same thing as you but with added torn ligaments. Just got mobile yesterday after a week in an open cast (thanks to the swelling).
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    bump for ya! :)
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    I broke four bones in my right foot about seven years ago as well as sprained my ankle pretty bad (took a kickboxing class trying to get exercise in to lose weight).

    I went out and got a stationary bike and set it up in front of the TV. I didn't get a cast on my foot... after about a week and a half it was fine expect it hurt to walk. I wrapped it up nicely and used my stationary bike (very little resistance and at a slow pace) for about an hour each night while I watched TV. It was nothing intense but it helped! I ended up losing about 20lbs before my foot fully healed and I could go back to work.

    I was off work for over two months when I broke my foot... however with my job I walk all day long with a chance to need to run so I had to wait longer.

    If you have access to a stationary bike try that. Worked wonders for me. I still used it afterwards, I just picked up the intensity. If your foot starts to hurt stop.
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    Thank you for the replies! I have a gym membership and had been using that along with being generally active, but I can't drive. I asked the doctor how long I would not be able to drive (I broke my right foot) and she said basically as long as I am recovering. I do go in next week for my 2 week check up, so we will see how things have progressed.

    I have some hand weights, so I do quite a few reps using those while I am watching television. I do a few other things, but I really don't trust myself to get up from the floor lol.

    I cut my calories down to minimum and stay pretty close to the lowest range of my BMR. I just hope to not gain.

    A stationary bike would be a great thing-I just can't really afford to invest in one right now. I keep thinking if I had one, it would be a good way to burn some calories lol.

    I am trying to just stay positive and that I am out of this boot in the next 6 weeks or so. Thanks again!