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  • Last term I was on the waitlist and got in about 2.5 weeks into the competition. So don't despair waitlist folks!!
  • Challenge #2 I did “TEK IT EASY MON!” (20 Min. Recovery Video). I did this challenge because I had a crazy busy week at work and was on my feet all day. So I needed something shorter and less intense. (Sorry for all the last minute posting!)
  • Challenge #1 I did "DANSES DE REUNION!" (5 videos - 19 min.) I chose this because it was one of my favourites from the list and enjoying exercise makes me work harder!
  • Challenge #3 I ate 4 green vegetables. They were iceberg lettuce, broccoli, green beans, and cucumber.
  • Just finished challenge 2 - I really enjoyed that video! Hard to believe it's the same gal that made us do that horrible seated workout lol. Definitely the same dog though. I think I will come back to this video in the future!
  • They are soft kind of like cookies! I had a few of the leftovers tonight. Had one cold and it was ok but then I zapped the rest in the microwave for 20 seconds and they were soft and warm and delicious!
  • @murdog3t Just a heads up your challenge 3 points are showing red.
  • Challenge #3 I used Thyme. I found a recipe online for cheese crackers with Thyme so I gave it a try! They were quite delicious - the thyme gave it a nice refreshing flavour and a beautiful smell. Here is the recipe: (I substituted regular flour) Cheese Thyme Crackers (gluten free / low carb) Prep time 5 mins Cook time 15…
  • I want to ride in a helicopter! There are lots of trips nearby that fly you around the mountains. I just need to scrape up the cash to afford it. I know my dad would go with me - he used to be in the military before I was born so it would be a fun throwback for him. Anyway, I have no excess cash for helicopter rides so it…
  • The only thing that has worked for me is cold turkey. However I work in a concessions department so I am surrounded by free pop all day 5 days a week. So cold turkey did it for me. But figure out what works for you - maybe just lessen slowly until you work off it. I do think you need something to replace it or when you get…
  • Welcome back!!
  • Hello! I will send along a friend request. :)
  • Welcome! This is a great place to make friends! I will send along a friend request- I am sure you will find many more incoming.
  • In Calgary. Feel free to add me!
  • Challenge #1 I chose the 2.5km frostbite race. I walked because walking is safer outside during the winter due to the ice. And I also enjoy walking. Challenge #3 I gave up potato chips. It was so hard! I fought it all the way until I was driving home from work tonight but I did it. Not sure I will make it a permanent thing…
  • Hi All! I was trying to motivate myself to workout and came here but there was nothing new posted since the last time I had checked. So I thought "well then it's up to me to post something." So I got off my butt and went and sat on my butt and did the chair workout. Wow that was a challenge for me! I hate upper body and my…
  • @lbenson2006 You have been a great team leader!! Good luck with all the insanity in your life!! We will be here to cheer you on. My sister surprised me today by coming for a visit with her kids. They live a 7 hour drive away and I haven't seen them since June last year. Suffice to say the baby is no longer a baby and is…
  • @MissionEnforcer Ok I tried 2 things. 1st I purchased a sweet potato. I have tried them in the past and not enjoyed. Turns out the one I bought was a white fleshed sweet potato which I haven't tried - just the orange yam version. I tried some of it raw and didn't mind it - was similar to a turnip. But it seemed to have no…
  • Well the other challenge I am in requires me to try my partner's favourite food. Both options she gave me fall under the requirements for the challenge here so I will go with one of them. Food I have been afraid to try: Avocado Food I have tried and didn't like: Sweet Potato Need to go to the grocery store to buy and then…
  • BRAVE.
  • Hi all! Not a super active weekend for me. I think I just need to accept Monday as a rest day. Even though it's a weekend day for me I just never get any activity in. Guess it's my lazy day. Did get a walk in as well as the kickboxing video so that adds some minutes as well as some points to the spreadsheet. Nice weather…
  • Cheese Curds + Fries + Gravy = Poutine = DELICIOUS ...just sayin'.
  • Hi All! I will admit I have had a lazy week. So I was determined to workout tonight. I killed 2 birds with one stone and did 2 of the challenges for my minutes tonight. (maybe 3 birds?) I don't have stairs anywhere at work or anything. But I do live in a basement suite so I have a tiny flight of 7 stairs to get down here.…
  • Neither. It shows when you click on a friend's profile. Says name, last login, and amount lost. I would like it to not show amount lost there. I already don't have the ticker and have the notifications for my feed turned off.
  • Supervisor of a Concessions department at a zoo.
  • Just a touch of snow here.
  • I have a serious collection of workout DVDs. I really love Leslie Sansone. Because I totally agree - some days I am just not leaving my house.
  • Hey All! Hope your week is going well. I had been doing little bouts of walking outside to try and get that 5k done and then finally bit the bullet tonight and did 3.5k all at once. That added with all the little bits before got me to 5km. Thank goodness for all the little bits though as even that 3.5k outside was a…
  • Good luck! I will send along a friend request!
  • Hey all! Hope you got a good start to your week. I had a VERY lazy weekend but oh well. Finished it off with some exercise tonight so that was good. Sad about the outdoor workout this week. It was gorgeous out last week and it is forecast to be gorgeous next week. This week? Not so much. In a cold snap so I will have to…