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  • I'm afraid so.
  • I'm hoping that in the longer term I can maintain without logging. If my weight starts to creep up then I'll rethink this approach. I've been maintaining now for around five weeks with this approach, though it's early days and I'm being cautious.
  • I didn't follow it all, but got the gist of it, thanks. It's interesting to me as I'm now at maintenance weight and am wondering what the way forward is, in terms of my macros/carbs etc. I don't personally feel the need to be low carb just for the sake of it, though am happier being lower carb than I used to be.
  • I didn't actually count calories when I moved to LCHF but the weight came off at a much higher rate than it ever did when I was on the standard MFP calorie reduction diet. There is no way that I'd have been losing at that rate with the calories being eaten on a higher carb diet. It was quite disconcerting, after a few…
  • I found it particularly encouraging that such a well regarded site would publish the article.
  • Thanks for the links, I shall have a look.
  • I haven't seen it. Fortunately I went straight to the doctor's reaction video that someone kindly posted. I've not laughed so much in ages. http://zdoggmd.com/what-the-health/
  • The script is linked to here in the sticky. I find it very useful. http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/10348436/enhancing-mfp-displays-for-low-carb#latest
  • I eat pulses + other stuff no bother. My trial with these particular tubers was actually over 30 years ago now, but it imprinted itself in my mind so much that I never ever want to try them again!
  • I have only bought jerusalem artichokes the once. I didn't like the taste at all but the effects on my body were horrendous. I found out afterwards that their nickname is Fartichokes, and for good reason (for me, anyway).
  • I haven't watched the What the Health video but this response to it is very funny: http://zdoggmd.com/what-the-health/
  • I've tried both, and just got a bit bored with the SL. Strong Curves was a lot more interesting, regardless as to the benefits. There is enough upper body strength in it for me.
  • I haven't watched the video either, though have read some of the Fung articles. I don't profess to know enough about the science to fully follow either side of the argument. I agree with StealthHealth: no one approach to dieting is likely to suit everyone. I have found low carbing suits me very well and am now a healthy…
  • I'm off on a similar holiday soon. I'm not so worried about how much weight I'd put on, but what concerns me is getting back to normal eating patterns again afterwards. It's all too easy to relearn old habits.
  • I had counselling for my eating issues/low self esteem several years ago, and would say that it was a turning point for me. The actual counsellor can make a massive difference: it took me around 4 different ones before I found someone who I gelled with. Without going into detail about what worked for me (everybody's…
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  • I tried that Oppo icecream in salted caramel and didn't like it at all. It's quite grainy and has a bit of a funny after taste. I'd also much rather have half the amount of nice ice cream than that.
  • I use a recipe from a Korean cookery book. The fiddliest bit in the recipe is wrapping the cabbage leaves. I only did that once as the next time I chopped it up into chunks and mixed it in a bowl. I couldn't tell the difference, taste-wise, so have done it this way ever since. I make it in big batches, and don't find it…
  • Have you tried any of the sweet recipes with that sugar substitute (erythritol?) he reccomends?
  • I am a total kimchi fan and get twitchy if I don't have some in the (garage) fridge. I keep it in OH's beer fridge as it is a bit smelly :-) This link is also good: http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-easy-kimchi-at-home-189390 I've made daikon/mouli kimchi as well, but prefer the chinese leave/cabbage variant. I've made…
  • Thanks everyone. I was actually not too bad at all on my 5K park run yesterday. I'm feeling much better than I thought I would, though I know it's early days.
  • I also find that salty foods put more weight on, in the short term, than the actual calories would suggest. I use that Happy Scale app which smooths out the bumps and help me to mentally accept my weight chart ups and downs.
  • Hi, I've just joined the group. I'm mid 50s and exercise regularly. I'm currently reading the Mosley Blood Sugar Diet and wanted to learn more about a low carb approach towards my diet without actually following his 8 week very low calorie approach. I'm not diabetic, I just want to lose a bit of weight and feel better. A…
  • It worked for me. I couldn't see the point of running at all when I started, so you are already in a better state of mind than I was! I did 5K after the 9 weeks of the NHS C25K, and didn't stop there as it became quite addictive. I did a HM this year :-)
  • The Daily Mail? Hardly a good source for dieting articles (or for anything else, without double checking the facts).
  • Something is not quite right here... <edit: Beat me to it, VeryKatie!>
  • I'm 5'4" and around 150lb. I burn around 10 cals/min on a run outside, less on an inside elliptical trainer. I use a HRM with my weight plumbed in. The gym machines over-estimate by around 20% for me.
  • My first HM is in a couple of months time. Do you have a training plan? I'm using one from http://www.walkjogrun.net, as I'd not have a clue how to approach such a distance otherwise. I was at the 13K endurance stage yesterday and it was hard, but good to complete. Good luck!
  • It's a personal thing, but with my early morning runs, I find my body is fine without anything other than a cup of tea, and am running around 7-10K. I have breakfast afterwards, and feel I've earned it by then :-)