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  • I will say I have resting B face. People could possibly think I am sitting in judgement of them and really I'm thinking about all the work I have to do later, or how my toast looked this morning. On the other end, I rarely notice anyone else while out and about and think they are looking at me or judging me (unless of…
  • I have one too it's awesome
  • I weigh food that doesn't already have a weight/label that tells me. So for cheerios I would probably go by the nutrition label of what they use as measurement, which is usually cups (but they will have grams listed usually next to it)
  • That people are still going to be critical. When you are fat they are critical, when you lose weight they are critical. To not allow other peoples comments to sideline you.
  • Constantly need to remind myself. In fact my doctor and I focused on a size that I would prefer to be as opposed to the number on the scale because the scale was frustrating me, even though I logically know muscle and fat weigh the same, and that my sizes keep going down despite the scale not budging it was still screwing…
  • I think some people can maintain keto no problem. It is hard for me to stay away from carbs and I'm of course not talking (sweet potatoes and corn). I have been off keto for a good month and a half. I felt so bloated, and terrible. It truly is better for my body to be on it than to be consuming carbs. My ibs is always in…
  • A smirky smile usually what draws me in. But sense of humor, a little belly, tall, military is kind of a weakness too. Dark hair or bald.
  • Yes, I am in the middle of Jason Fung and Jimmie Moores book on Fasting. I was coming here to suggest Dr. Fung videos as well. Well said, I actually like extended fasts, I feel so alert and my body feels great, I don't feel starved at all.
  • 738 days and counting....if I get to the end of the day and I've forgotten to log my food, I will make sure to go in and plug everything in, I have a streak going lol
  • If I start getting tired, I just say "You only got 20 mins left you got this" Other than that I don't really need to psyche myself up during it I am too busy concentrating on what I am doing. But some days I just don't have it in me, some days I get my workout clothes on and half way through warm up I say Meh. But most…
  • 1- Every meal is a chance to do better 2- Any movement even if it's just a stroll around the block is better than nothing 3- I don't know much about TOPS a friend of mine from High School used to go, she currently is around 360, I think like anything else you get out of it what you put into it.
  • A lot of bariatric patients end up doing keto after awhile. Low carb is definitely the way to go after surgery. I'm keto as well, but I work out a lot so I don't see as significant of drops on the scale. So I try to make sure to take my measurements
  • If my energy is zapped from being sick I don't workout, I let my body rest, if my energy is fine, I workout.
  • I haven't, but I used to have chronic IBSD, now I don't have it at all, I can tell you that eliminating dairy as much as possible helped tremendously for me as well as adding in fermented foods. I eat sauerkraut or kimchi every week and take a quality probiotic. I used to spend what felt like days in the bathroom, I…
  • Congratulations on all your hard work!
  • HAHA Yes the dragon breath is off putting, typically if she takes chlorophyll it goes away.
  • I do keto and I am pcos and it has been amazing for me. All my cholesterol numbers have gone down in just 6 months. My grocery list is pretty basic. I eat a lot of mushrooms, eggs, salmon, tuna, I also eat fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut which really is a good part of Keto that nobody ever seems to mention, they…
  • I'm not in my 50's (44) but I do keto, If you want to be friends, or if I can help at all please let me know.
  • That sounds good. I'll have to try that next time. Not sure my son will eat it[/quote] Hope you know he/she meant dried mushrooms right? Otherwise you are just adding more moisture :)[/quote] I actually didn't mean dried mushrooms. I just grind up portabellas really small, and sometimes a bit of parmesan to…
  • You can grind up mushrooms in place of the bread to hold it together and it tastes amazing.
  • Have you had you had your hormones checked for PCOS. It can cause hair loss and a lot of women with PCOS also have Hashimoto's. Also as an aside, read up on PCOS because sometimes even getting your hormones checked, doesn't nail it down, it's a pretty complex condition and not one size fits all with it. It's frustrating…
  • The same way you did before. Weighing and measuring with a food scale.
  • Oh god yes. I know way too much about Nerium, Plexus, Isotonix, ItWorks, Rodan & Fields, etc. and so forth, if it's not the MLM friends pushing their stuff, it's the creepy ads from facebook for things I looked up on amazon the day before.
  • I haven't completely deleted it but I haven't been on for a few weeks, I remember when facebook was fun now I feel like every day I'm being lectured by people on how to feel about a certain thing going on in society, everyone wants to be "right" everyone debating opinions and turning it into namecalling, I've never seen so…
  • bacon, onions and mushrooms sauted over a burger or a pork chop with some sauerkraut and homemade dairy free1000 island dressing on top, chili made with chorizo and beef with an egg and avocado on top, these are pretty much my staples and favorite meals.
  • You aren't alone, I hardly ever drink it because it doesn't curb my appetite like it does for so many others as well. I drink it occasionally but for the most part get my fats elsewhere.
  • I weigh and measure everything, when I can't if I eat at someone elses house, I will look for whatever I can in MFP that is relative to what I ate, and usually air on the side of more calories just to be safe, so if they were serving chicken Caesar salad I would usually pick the highest calorie one in MFP mainly because I…
  • Well now I work in an office (at the time of the conversation I worked from home) so I get up numerous times through out the day, mostly to wear a path to the bathroom from all the water I drink, or sometimes I walk over to the other buildings, but I am still not getting in 10k steps. Plus after my 2 hour workouts, all I…